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Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a crucial factor for a successful digital transformation. This makes the task of introducing a new or modernizing an existing PLM landscape a complex process involving various domains and disciplines. The present White Paper explains the advantages of PROSTEP’s capability-based consulting approach when defining and implementing a forward-looking PLM strategy.

digital engineering vs mbse

Digital Engineering vs. MBSE: What Are the Main Differences Between the Two? 

Computers have been transforming all disciplines of traditional engineering for the better part of the past 50 years: first slowly, then suddenly.

The exponential acceleration of innovation has introduced one major challenge—how do we foster interoperability between engineering platforms?

Digital Engineering (DE) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) are complex processes designed to bring traditional engineering into the next era of transformational innovation.

New white paper on the advantages of the 3D master concept

In many companies, the end-to-end use of digital product information is hampered by the fact that it is still passed on based on drawings. Therefore, the first step on the way to the Digital Thread and the Model-Based Enterprise is the implementation of the 3D master concept. A new PROSTEP white paper describes the advantages and challenges involved.

end to end digitalization white paper

Model Based Definition: The Path to the 3D Master

The end-to-end use of digital information in engineering is made more difficult today by the fact that 2D drawings are still a central source of information for subsequent processes in many companies, alongside the 3D model. As a result,
information relevant to production or quality is not available in machine-readable form. The implementation of the 3D
master concept is therefore the first step on the way to the digital thread and the Model-Based Enterprise. This white paper describes why it is a good idea to go down this path and what challenges are associated with it in the PLM context.


Architecture for the ImPaKT project is taking shape

The objective of the joint ImPaKT project is to make the impact of changes transparent across domains using a model-based, AI-assisted approach. Following the completion of a market survey on the use of IT and the degree to which MBSE is being utilized, the project partners, which include PROSTEP, are now defining the reference architecture for impact analyses.

MBSE is like higher mathematics for development

In collaboration with a consortium of research institutes, software houses and user companies, PROSTEP is developing a model-based solution approach that is intended to simplify impact analysis. In this interview, Professor Iris Gräßler of Paderborn University, who heads up the consortium project, explains why many companies are still struggling with model-based systems engineering (MBSE).


Survey On the Use of Software Tools in Development Processes

The joint project “ICT-enabled model-based impact analysis in product development” or ImPaKT for short is picking up speed. Under the leadership of PROSTEP, the project partners are launching a survey to find out which software tools companies use in product development and for MBSE in particular. You are cordially invited to participate in the survey.


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