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PROSTEP’s expertise now includes artificial intelligence

Thanks in no small part to ChatGPT and Co., artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in our day-to-day lives, in our private and professional worlds, and is here to stay. There is a lot of hype surrounding AI, which is further fueled by the media. The other day, the German Tagesschau television news service managed to feature three AI-related contributions from completely different contexts in a single broadcast. Numerous companies are giving thought to how and for what purpose they can deploy AI effectively – that is, if they have not already launched their first projects. We here at PROSTEP are also taking a long hard look at what changes AI will bring for us and how we can provide our customers with the support they need when it comes to deploying AI.

PROSTEP Integration

New integration concepts for new product service offerings

New use cases and business models require new integration concepts. Conventional data integration and synchronization, with which we here at PROSTEP have decades of experience and can do blindfolded, need to be supplemented with innovative new integration concepts if the flow of information in companies and their supply chains is to be managed as best possible. These new integration concepts have to meet three key requirements: they must be able to link data across domains, support traceability in both directions (forward and backward), and integrate suppliers in the digital thread.

Waiting for the starting shot for cloud PLM

Surprisingly little has been heard about the subject of cloud PLM in the last few months. Might that be the calm before the storm? You get the impression that PLM vendors and many user companies are crouched at the starting line, waiting for the starting shot but don’t yet dare to extend their legs because they don’t want to risk jumping the gun. And that even though the seemingly endless coronavirus pandemic offers an ideal opportunity to start modernizing the now aging PLM landscapes and trying out one or two new things.


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