Digital Transformation

Collaboration needs to become more digital and synchronized

The hyped-up topic at this year’s prostep ivip Symposium was without question artificial intelligence, which was addressed in Expert corners, workshops and even in several presentations by customers. Generative AI in particular promises spectacular time savings in application areas such as automatic code generation. However, the question I ask myself is what AI can do to better help tackle the real challenge posed by digital product development, a challenge that the prostep ivip community has been grappling with for over three decades: namely cross-enterprise collaboration.


IMS optimizes mechatronic product development

IMS is the world’s leading manufacturer of X-ray, isotopic and optical measuring systems for steel, non-ferrous metal and aluminum production. The company has implemented a mechatronic development process and automated engineering to a greater extent in order to handle customer-specific development projects more efficiently. PROSTEP provided IMS with advice during implementation.

PROSTEP and BHC share a booth at the prostep ivip Symposium

PROSTEP and PROSTEP’s subsidiary BHC demonstrated their close alliance at the 2024 prostep ivip Symposium with a shared booth in a central location. And in Expert Corners, workshops and presentations, our employees demonstrated that they are helping shape current topics of digitalization, such as artificial intelligence (AI), agile software development and collaborative digital twins.

Cross-domain product variant management with OpenCLM

Efficient variant management of smart, connected products is the key to the future success of manufacturing industry. At the same time, the variance in products that include electronics and software places particular demands on variant management as it requires a cross-domain approach. With OpenCLM, PROSTEP offers a solution to this challenge that takes a graph-based approach with integrated data linking.

digital engineering vs mbse

Digital Engineering vs. MBSE: What Are the Main Differences Between the Two? 

Computers have been transforming all disciplines of traditional engineering for the better part of the past 50 years: first slowly, then suddenly.

The exponential acceleration of innovation has introduced one major challenge—how do we foster interoperability between engineering platforms?

Digital Engineering (DE) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) are complex processes designed to bring traditional engineering into the next era of transformational innovation.

PROSTEP Integration

New integration concepts for new product service offerings

New use cases and business models require new integration concepts. Conventional data integration and synchronization, with which we here at PROSTEP have decades of experience and can do blindfolded, need to be supplemented with innovative new integration concepts if the flow of information in companies and their supply chains is to be managed as best possible. These new integration concepts have to meet three key requirements: they must be able to link data across domains, support traceability in both directions (forward and backward), and integrate suppliers in the digital thread.

KPMG Global Tech Report

Digital transformation pays off for companies

Digital transformation is living up to its promise. According to KPGM’s Global Tech Report 2022, 99% of executives say it has increased the performance and profitability of their organizations over the past two years. The number one challenge companies face in using digital technologies is the lack of talented employees who know how to use them.

PROSTEP Insight Days

PROSTEP’s product family grows closer together

PROSTEP has intensively developed its solutions for Digital Thread, PLM integration and data exchange over the past two years and is increasingly making them available as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud. At PROSTEP INSIGHT DAYS, we explained to customers and interested parties where the journey is headed: our product family will grow even closer together in the future.

PROSTEP Insight Days 2023

PROSTEP weaves the digital thread at INSIGHT DAYS

In order to achieve end-to-end digitalization, companies need not only powerful integration and collaboration solutions, but also expert advice and support in transforming their PLM architectures. At PROSTEP INSIGHT DAYS 2023, they found both from a single source. Around 150 customers and interested parties used the online event to find out about PROSTEP’s comprehensive portfolio of consulting and solutions for designing digital continuity. The Mars Rover served as a guiding thread for navigating through the program.


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