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PROSTEP makes its OpenPDM integration platform available as a SaaS offering

PROSTEP is combining the functions provided by its tried and tested solutions for data exchange, PLM integration and data linking in a modular platform that will made available as a SaaS offering. As a first step, customer can start by using the connectors to leading PLM, ERP and ALM systems as a service without having to worry about installing and operating the software.

Gartner Study

Doubts about the success of the European cloud project GAIA-X

While the global market for public IaaS services from the cloud, led by Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba, is growing almost relentlessly and, according to Gartner, will reach a volume of almost 91 billion US dollars in 2021, the European cloud project GAIA-X is not getting off the ground. In view of the lack of implementations, Forrester analysts give the project little chance of success.


PROSTEP creates a link between PTC Arena and Jira

In the middle of last year, a blockchain committee was set up at the VDMA (German Association for Mechanical and Plant Engineering) to intensify the exchange of information on the technology and to investigate possible applications in more detail. The committee is affiliated with the VDMA’s IT department and is open to all member companies interested in blockchain. New use cases are regularly presented at the committee’s meetings. At the last meeting, PROSTEP showed how the technology can be used to prove beyond doubt the authorship of complex CAD models.

PLM Modules

Integration Framework for Business Systems

Product development often consists of siloed domains where development is distributed through various locations and departments. Regardless of industry (aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, consumer goods, electronics, healthcare, etc.), the product development ecosystem of partners, developers, suppliers, vendors, and more have their own IT systems, procedures, and operations. This presents ongoing challenges for the collaboration of development data across domains. If departments engage an integration framework for system-wide PLM integration, however, companies run more efficiently.

PLM Modules

Modules for efficient PLM system selection

Many manufacturing companies work with PDM/PLM solutions that are not being developed further and/or are no longer able to meet changed functional requirements. They often lack employees who have the skills needed to find an alternative. As a vendor-neutral consulting company that knows the PLM market well, PROSTEP can provide them with the support they need when it comes to selecting an appropriate system.


New business models need the digital twin

New service-oriented business models not only encourage a more sustainable economy but also represent a financial win-win situation for both providers and consumers. Manufacturers who offer their products as a service retain their customers over the long term and gain easier access to operational data that enables them to optimize products while they are in operation and make targeted improvements to the next generation of products. Customers reduce their investment costs or transform them into running costs. They get what the product is supposed to do in the form of a service at a clearly calculable conditions without having to worry about maintenance or replacement.

end to end digitalization white paper

End to End Digitalization Between Product Development and Production

In order to make production processes more flexible and control them more efficiently, IT systems for manufacturing process planning must be seamlessly integrated into the digital information flows between the PDM/PLM and ERP worlds. This white paper explains how the digital thread can be spun from product development through manufacturing process planning to production.

PROSTEP Study on the Interaction between PLM and ALM

How do manufacturers of software-driven products strike a balance between PLM and ALM? This question was examined in a joint study conducted by PROSTEP and PROSTEP’s subsidiary BHC for which companies from a number of different industries were surveyed. A key finding of the study is that the level of integration between product and application lifecycle management is currently insufficient to ensure end-to-end digitalization and traceability.

Waiting for the starting shot for cloud PLM

Surprisingly little has been heard about the subject of cloud PLM in the last few months. Might that be the calm before the storm? You get the impression that PLM vendors and many user companies are crouched at the starting line, waiting for the starting shot but don’t yet dare to extend their legs because they don’t want to risk jumping the gun. And that even though the seemingly endless coronavirus pandemic offers an ideal opportunity to start modernizing the now aging PLM landscapes and trying out one or two new things.


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