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Are you doing everything you can to protect your intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) in the form of patents, trade secrets or CAD data is the key to your organization’s products.  Being just as valuable if not more than your physical assets, are you safeguarding your IP?

Your IP is what makes your products competitive and compelling and industries are subject to IP safeguard standards that can result in huge fines and imprisonment.

A single violation could ruin your company’s reputation with existing and prospective customers.


What’s your current data exchange platform?

In a globalized manufacturing world, analysts indicate that more than 80% of your development services are performed by external partners. A workforce of multiple partners and global vendors requires automated and secure engineering data exchange.

Cross-company collaboration is a challenge, especially for a global development team. Efficiently sharing CAD data on a global scale introduces obstacles in compliance, regulations and file-sizes. The need to integrate other suppliers and vendors only adds to the difficulty.

People normally exchange data via the path of least resistance.


If you still use obsolete methods of file transfer, you increase your chances of data loss. Many of the most common file transfer methods are insecure, including:

  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • VPN
  • Cloud Services
  • OFTP2

You need a solution that not only has the maximum security standards, but also fits your user’s workflows.  The closer a data exchange method can be to a user’s workflow, the easier it will be to incorporate your data exchange policies and regulations into your organization.

PROSTEP’s OpenDXM GlobalX Gives you the following:

  • Data Encryption – All data is encrypted with an individually generated key using hybrid encryption with a key length of up to 4096 bits.
  • Key Management – Data resides in encrypted form in the File Vaults located at any site worldwide. The server can be located in a country of your choice, where the keys do not have to be handed over to government agencies.
  • Encrypted Transfer – Data transfer within the company and via the Internet is performed using an HTTPS connection with a 256-bit encryption. Any attempt to manipulate the data during transfer prompts the system to recognize this and marks the data accordingly.
  • Reliable Identification – Access to data is controlled using a comprehensive role and rights management system. Existing ADF/LDAP systems can be integrated for single sign-on.
  • Satisfies Compliance Requirements – Because of OpenDXM GlobalX’s audit logging of all users and processes, it makes it easier for companies to provide proof of compliance with statutory and company-specific requirements.
  • Data Security ISO|IEC 27001:2013
    • Certified to ISO 27001:2013 (information and IT security)
    • Member of TeleTrust Association – Germany
    • Certified Security by ERNW Penetration Test

OpenDXM GlobalX for Partner/Supplier CAD Data Exchange and More

OpenDXM GlobalX is the easiest to use and most secure data exchange platform to exchange data across company borders. This managed file transfer solution is globally used to integrate partners and vendors into your development projects to speed up communication, enhance collaboration and secure your intellectual property. OpenDXM is not just limited to CAD data exchange, but virtually any file can be exchange in a wide variety of data exchange scenarios.

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