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Easily migrate to Dassault 3DExperience PLM with trusted, certified connectors. Migrate data all at once or in steps based on your specific use case. The scalable processing power and modular architecture of PROSTEP's OpenPDM platform mean that items, objects, BOMs, effectivities, workflows, tasks, and more can quickly be migrated saving your team time and resources while maintaining data fidelity and security in your target system.

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The Leading Toolset Built to Migrate Product Data

OpenPDM Migrate is the platform that gives you the ability to organize the migration of existing PLM data from an old system to a new system via different methods depending on your use case.

The platform allows you to migrate data ‘all at once’ (big bang) or if you need a longer transitional period, via temporary coexistence of the old and new systems.

With OpenPDM Migrate, you can virtually migrate any data including:

  • CAD models and structures
  • Item/ item revision and derived objects
  • Forms, relations, datasets, and files
  • BOM view revision and BOM lines
  • Release status
  • Effectivities
  • Change object
  • Incremental changes
  • Workflows and tasks

Technical Details

Powerful Connectors

OpenPDM Migrate provides best-in-class standard access to connected systems so that you’re able to export, map, and import data to your new systems. All connectors offer the same interface allowing system-specific technologies to be encapsulated. Only external and official standard interfaces are used guaranteeing smooth connectivity and migration of data between systems.

OpenPDM’s microservices architecture, separation of mapping engine and connectors, means you get the flexible integration of external migration tools from manufacturers!

OpenPDM Migrate is the toolset that has proven itself in the most complex projects enabling loss-free migration of older systems to the current releases of your PLM

Supported operations include:

  • Query objects
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Business objects
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Relationships
  • Check-In / Check-Out
  • Login / Logout from backend
  • Transactions
  • Execute Transitions (change lifecycle states)
  • Execute Workflows
  • Modify Ownership/Security/Projects, etc.
  • Download / Upload / Delete Files
  • Bulk operational methods

OpenPDM Architecture

Architecture: OpenPDM supports a micro service oriented architecture where every service can run standalone or in combination with one another. These services can be integrated in any process or engine.

Export/Import Worker: OpenPDM logic is part of the connector service and allows a boost in performance by reducing HTTP calls and direct access to backend specific API.

Mapping: OpenPDM can work standalone or integrated into any other service, supporting XML, Java, and Groovy mapping variants. New variants can easily be integrated.

OpenPDM has a distributed architecture based on microservices utilizing the OpenPDM Unified Component Architecture. Versioned PLM data (metadata, structures, and files) are handled by RESTful interfaces. Our business process engine uses the popular BPMN solution Camunda and is specialized to handle semantical data.

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OpenPDM Migrate for 3DExperience

  • optimized and exclusively built to migrate data to Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE
  • customized to your preferred migration strategy
  • backed by expert consulting and project planning to ensure a smooth migration
  • support for various data models to easily transfer all of your data all at once, phased, or incrementally
  • support for various versions so you can migrate to your version of choice
  • set project preferences

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