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Is your product development today is globalized, consisting of many teams, partners, vendors and suppliers? More often then not, product data is often siloed in each department and limits your ability to efficiently create your products in this fast-paced world.

Because you leverage the power of ARENA to help you deliver your products, the SAP ERP integration from PROSTEP can unify your processes and data. This makes your information such as bill of materials (BOM), data master, approved manufacturers list (AML) and other documentation consistent and up-to-date across your systems.

The Arena ERP Exchange works with PROSTEP’s OpenPDM Connector for Arena and SAP to automate the transfer of released product record information from Arena to your SAP system.

How does it work?

  • This integration validates your data changes before importing them to SAP.
  • An audit trail records success and failure for Product Data and Change Order transfers.
  • You can monitor changes and the success of the product record transfers through the Arena dashboard, which sends error alerts to a designated administrator.
  • This administrator can fix the error and reprocess updates without corrupting SAP.

The solution creates and modifies the following information in SAP:

  • Material Master
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Plant Specific Information
  • Valuation Information
  • ECM (Engineering Change Master
  • Document Information Records Including BOM

Integration between Arena Cloud PLM and SAP ERP at FARO


FARO, a company that develops and markets 3D computer-aided measurement and imaging devices and software, was founded in 1981 and located in Lake Mary, FL. FARO has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide. PROSTEP’s challenge was to:

  • Integrate Arena Cloud based PLM with SAP ERP
  • Populate and sync necessary data in SAP: Materials Masters, Change Masters, BOM, Effectivities
  • Provide on-demand and scheduled based integration functionality
  • Create reports and email notification for traceability and confirmation

The Solution: PROSTEP was able to:

  • Establish a solution to integrate Areana Cloud PLM with FARO’s SAP ERP
  • Create on-demand synchronization, uni-directional sequential data flow from Arena to SAP
  • Support creation of updated material master and BOM creation

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