Strategic Sustainment Planning and Future Proofing Engineering for Aerospace, Defense and Government

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BSchouten - Realize Live 2020 PresentationBSchouten - Realize Live 2020 Presentation

End-to-end visibility across domains throughout a program lifecycle has always been a challenge due to siloed systems and expertise.

Now, amid a pandemic, aerospace, defense, and government sectors face added obstacles as they seek to overcome decentralized teams, information bottlenecks and a rapidly changing marketplace.

An unprecedented influx of disruptive technologies combined with a pandemic affected market make this a ‘perfect storm’ for major challenges.

Failure to address these challenges means falling behind and repeating costly mistakes of the past.

However, successfully attacking these challenges means gaining competitive advantage, achieving operational efficiencies, and maximizing product development visibility.

Join us to see how aerospace, defense and government sectors can leverage integrated and collaborative solutions for SIEMENS Teamcenter to create a roadmap towards digitalization across product development, manufacturing, and life cycle product development.

Find out how you can gain a connected engineering environment by integrating simulation data management (SDM), requirements management (RM), model-based systems engineering (MBSE), application life cycle management (ALM and other systems.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to effectively strategize your technologies for future growth around the changing digital landscape brought on by disruptive economic factors.
  • How to integrate SIEMENS Teamcenter for end-to-end visibility down your supply chain.
  • How to take a model-based systems approach towards integrating product lifecycle development processes.
Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales, PROSTEP INC

About Your Presenter

Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales, PROSTEP INC

As the Director of Technical Presales at PROSTEP INC, Brian Schouten is the PLM Integration/Migration ‘focal point’ leading strategy, process and product development recommendations. With over 15+ years implementing, integrating, federating and migrating PLM systems, he brings a wide knowledge of technical details of all major PLM and CAD systems from over 100 PLM integration and migration projects.

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