Risks of Postponing Digital Integration and Migration

You Already Pay for the Integration/Migration You Haven’t Started:  A Roundtable Discussion on the Risks of Postponing Digital Integration and Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot topic in today’s PLM world. First mover-advantage in this competitive market gives a company the ability to adapt and innovate rapidly.  As development partners increase in number, so do risks, and product data often loses integrity and fidelity as it travels through various systems.   

Market leaders in today’s manufacturing use state-of-the-art integration solutions to assist in the complexities of product manufacturing. Doing so not only enhances collaboration and achieves a faster time to market, but also creates stepping stones for digital transformation. Migrating to the right system and integrating your systems serve as key drivers for maintaining data integrity, fidelity, and security.

What is the right migration and integration approach to allow maximize flexibility and scalability in product development? How do you best formulate a strategic framework that introduces the foundation of the digital twin and digital thread? How do you maintain the security, accuracy, and completeness of data delivered to the appropriate consumer?

Join the experts at PROSTEP as they delve into the risks, considerations, and tradeoffs that can occur when executing a PLM migration and integration. Discover lessons learned, best practices, and final outcomes for viable product life cycle migration and integration.

Takeaways include:
1. Why integration plays key component for digital transformation?

2. What frameworks and best practices are offered for digital transformation?

3. A checklist and roadmap for digital transformation success.

Rob Heltsley PROSTEP INC

About Your Presenter

Rob Heltsley, Sales Executive & Industry Manager, PROSTEP INC

Rob joins PROSTEP as the previous North American Head of Production Technology for a major Tier 1 supplier. He brings over 18 years of Automotive Industry expertise in product and advanced manufacturing development and execution. With extensive leadership positions in Process Engineering, Simulation, Digitalization, MES, and Industry 4.0 Initiatives, Rob will focus on engaging with automotive OEMs and suppliers to realize their cross-collaboration potential through PROSTEP offerings.

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