Navigating the SAP and SIEMENS Partnership with OpenPDM Migration Toolkit

About this webinar

SAP SIEMENS Partnership

The new partnership between SIEMENS and SAP brings together the strength of both companies to deliver more business value and accelerate your digital transformation across your enterprise.

With SAP now being a reseller of of SIEMENS Teamcenter and their intention of phasing out their PLM solution, how will this affect your engineering systems?

Will you have to restructure? How will you handle the migration from SAP PLM to Teamcenter or any PLM you choose?

PROSTEP integration and migration expert, Brian Schouten, weighs in on the significance of the partnership and what you should do when you’re preparing your migration.

What You’ll Learn

  • What migration strategies are best for your given use case?
  • A migration toolkit to quickly and efficiently move your data to Teamcenter PLM or any other PLM
  • Where to start when planning your migration with requirements and strategic planning.
Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales, PROSTEP INC

About Your Presenter

Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales, PROSTEP INC

As the Director of Technical Presales at PROSTEP INC, Brian Schouten is the PLM Integration/Migration ‘focal point’ leading strategy, process and product development recommendations. With over 15+ years implementing, integrating, federating and migrating PLM systems, he brings a wide knowledge of technical details of all major PLM and CAD systems from over 100 PLM integration and migration projects.

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