Leveraging the Digital Thread Based on ThingWorx & Thingworx PLM Connectors

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Companies across different industries are forced to work with heterogeneous engineering infrastructures. As PLM information is typically distributed across multiple management systems, how do you manage distributed data effectively? Determining the actual and consistent view on the product status is both time-consuming and circuitous. Accessing all needed PLM information at any stage of your product development process is essential for the creation of digital twins. ThingWorx is a great framework to link and to manage engineering information. This presentation outlines how PROSTEP PLM ThingWorx Connectors easily access and link PLM information in a role-based ThingWorx engineering cockpit. As a result, the customer is able to analyze the federated information in an efficient way. This opens a new potential for virtualization, end-to-end data integration, and mining in order to improve the digital thread efficiency. The presentation is based on a customer project experience.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand how to manage distributed data across information silos
  • Discover how PROSTEP PLM ThingWorx Connectors can link your information throughout product life cycle development
  • Learn how using OpenPDM from PROSTEP can be suited and tailored for end-to-end integration to improve digital thread communication

About Your Presenters

Mirko Theiss, PROSTEP AG

Mirko Theiss, Senior Manager PLM Integration, PROSTEP AG

Mirko is Senior Manager PLM System Integration at PROSTEP AG, Darmstadt, Germany. He holds a Civil Engineering Diploma of the Technical University Darmstadt. In 2005, he finished his Doctor Thesis at Technical University Darmstadt. Mirko has an experience for more than 12 years in PLM and cross-company collaboration. He was responsible for several PLM integration projects in the automotive and aerospace industry in the past years. With his team he is responsible for the PLM System Integration, Collaboration and Migration strategy of PROSTEP AG. Based on the named projects in the automotive and aerospace sector he has a high PLM experience. Since 2017 Mirko is Product Owner for the leading PLM integration platform OpenPDM.

 Peter Pfalzgraf - PROSTEP AG

Peter Pfalzgraf, Head of Business Unit Products, PROSTEP AG

Peter Pfalzgraf is working for PROSTEP AG since 1997 in various positions. Since 2012, he is Head of the PROSTEP Business Unit Products and therefore responsible for PROSTEP’s own software product portfolio. Before PROSTEP, he worked in the machinery industry. He studied Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt earning his degree as “Diplom-Ingenieur”.

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