How to Exchange Data Inside and Outside Your Company

Secure DX Inside and Outside Your Company

About this webinar
Product development today consists of multiple domains, inside and outside of your enterprise. How can you leverage the platform workflows in a collaborative way with secure data exchange? How can you ensure your intellectual property is secured inside and outside your domains? With cybersecurity breaches on the rise, unsecured data exchange amounts to billions of dollars lost for your company. Are you taking the necessary precautions to protect your IP?

This presentation explores the ways that information leaks out of your enterprise with either explicit or implicit permission to do so. The ramifications can be catastrophic, if not criminal, for an organization. Find out what is behind these trends, and what, if anything, you can do to minimize some of these risks. Real world customer solutions will be presented as use cases.

What You’ll Learn

  • How is information leaking from your organization?
  • Why is this so hard to control?
  • What Free or Paid options exist to help mitigate the problem?
Philip Michaud, Key Account Executive, PROSTEP INC

About Your Presenter

Philip Michaud, Key Account Executive, PROSTEP INC

Phil Michaud has been in the business of integration for over 30+ years and has had many different roles during his career and different levels of an organization. Phil is a results-driven professional actively engaging customer prospects in engineering and manufacturing and helping companies extend their PLM portfolio with great products and services. With his vast knowledge and experiences, Phil can apply leadership talent and technical expertise to communicate effectively to both technical and non-technical personnel at all levels. As an effective decision maker and innovative problem solver, Phil can analyze situations carefully and can build consensus on creative strategies in solving complex problems.

With specific experience as a Business Process Architect, Software Project Manager, and Agile Business Analyst, Phil’s expertise in balancing business process engineering needs with integrated application integration projects, delivers an immediate impact to an organization’s business issues related to these projects. As a bottom-line contributor, Phil has a solid track record of increasing operational efficiencies, generating cost savings, and contributing to company profits during his career.

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