Change Order Process with Technical Data Packages in SIEMENS Teamcenter

About this webinar

Change Order with TDP in SIEMENS Teamcenter

The digital manufacturing landscape normally consists of a distributed set of systems resulting in siloed data across your supply chain. In turn, this results in poor product development and collaboration. Your challenge lies not only in providing efficient communication with up-to-date product data down the supply chain but also in exchanging data from different systems and databases. The technical data package helps solve this by providing design configuration to ensure product development accuracy.

This session focuses on leveraging technical data packages to ensure data consistency and effective and efficient collaboration down your supply chain.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is a technical data package and how can you benefit from using them?
  • What challenges does the technical data package solve?
  • What framework will help you standardize cross-enterprise change/release process with Teamcenter?
Robert Beverly, Key Account Executive, PROSTEP INC

About Your Presenter

Robert Beverly, Key Account Executive, PROSTEP INC

With over 20+ years experience in product development and technical management, Bob Beverly brings a wealth of experience from industries including automotive, defense and aerospace. As a Key Account Executive at PROSTEP INC, Bob educates new and existing users on implementing digital thread initiatives, model-based enterprise and design engineering lifecycle management.

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