Advancing Adaptability: Integrating Cameo Systems Modeler into PLM

About this presentation

Complex systems design demand innovative solutions. Harmonizing Cameo Systems Modeler with your 3rd party PLM is no easy task, but when effectively done can unlock a wealth of benefits. Fusing these MBSE and PLM lays the foundation of data interoperability, fostering a more collaborative and agile environment with improved verification and validation. Additionally, benefits of enhanced traceability, reduced redundancy, and improved decision making result.

This session will explore three core strategies for integrating Cameo with PLM: Teamwork Cloud to PLM integration, Cameo client plugin integration with PLM, and Cameo datahub OSLC integration. We’ll examine the unique advantages of each approach and discuss which use cases are best suited for each method.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of the 3 strategies for integrating Cameo into a PLM platform
  • An introduction to the flexibility and comprehensive tool, OpenPDM which facilitates each strategy for integration
  • Insights into best practice and methodologies for integrating Cameo into your PLM

About Your Presenter

Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales, PROSTEP INC

As the Director of Technical Presales at PROSTEP INC, Brian Schouten is the PLM Integration/Migration ‘focal point’ leading strategy, process and product development recommendations. With over 15+ years implementing, integrating, federating and migrating PLM systems, he brings a wide knowledge of technical details of all major PLM and CAD systems from over 100 PLM integration and migration projects.

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