Navigating Change in Packaging Machinery: Dr. Dirk Winter Discusses Theegarten-Pactec’s PLM Journey and PROSTEP’s Crucial Support - Customer Review

[00:00:00.420] – Dr. Dirk Winter, Change Manager at Theegarten-Pactec

Hello, my name is Dr. Dirk Winter, and I’m a change manager for Theegarten-Pactec. We are a specialist for development and implementation of packaging machines. What can I say about internal change projects, regardless whether these are reorganization or IT projects. At the end of the day, every internal project aim is to initiate change and nobody really wants change unless you have direct and immediate positive effects on your personal work. In the PLM environment, it’s essentially the same. In our PLM initiative, you can see very clearly that various interests are competing with each other. Individual’s personal interests, the divisions or sites, versus the company’s interests. From my point of view, it’s very important that we always keep in mind that we want to look at what’s beneficial for the whole company. We have to work as a whole company, not just in divisions. In our specific case, Theegarten-Pactec, in 2018, we started launching a PLM initiative, essentially with two main goals. One, increasing productivity and also throughput of our two main business processes.

[00:01:19.090] – Dr. Dirk Winter, Change Manager at Theegarten-Pactec

Obviously, that is managing customer orders and innovation in product and development processes for our systems. And on the other hand, we simply wanted to back up the comfort of this know-how. For the entire corporate architecture, we followed a comprehensive holistic process for processes, IT systems, and also information and PROSTEP accompanied us right from the beginning. In 2018, we started with two analysis project, one following on the other, one PLM with PROSTEP, and another one for IT architecture.

[00:02:00.180] – Dr. Dirk Winter, Change Manager at Theegarten-Pactec

Quite generally, to document the requirements, assess the requirements and structure them. The result was a strategic roadmap for internal change projects. PROSTEP, together with us, defined the PLM initiative and structured it. And there we ended up with four different smaller projects. We carried them out together, which all took about 4 to 7 months. Within these projects, PROSTEP, on the one hand, was, on the one hand internal partner, also moderate workshops, but also very clearly a partner with lots of experience in PLM. Our PLM initiative after the system selection in 2020 has reached the point at which we now are implementing PLM software in our company.

[00:02:59.680] – Dr. Dirk Winter, Change Manager at Theegarten-Pactec

We’re implementing our PDM projects independently with our partner. Again and again, we encounter situations in which we address PROSTEP as a trusted advisor or a consultant and moderator. What success do you have in best factors are there in such change initiatives? You can read that up in any textbook, but you can’t repeat it often enough. From my point of view, what is important is you need to have a clear and known starting point. You have to know where you are, otherwise you don’t know how you can develop where from where.

[00:03:34.560] – Dr. Dirk Winter, Change Manager at Theegarten-Pactec

The second point is you have to have realistic objectives. These objectives, I think, and I have just explained that briefly. Have to be achieved from the perspective of the entire company. Next point is you have to consult everybody from early on, the business line all the way to business management. It’s important to run small project, which follow each other in iterative steps. You don’t have too many irons in the fire at once. It’s very important that you get know-how in consulting where you need it. In collaboration over the last five years, it has become absolutely clear that PROSTEP consultants really pursue these success criteria actively and that we can always call on our PROSTEP colleagues when we have any questions concerning content. Should it be technical questions for PLM and also change management? I think that without PROSTEP consultants, we would not be at the position we have reached today. From my point of view, it makes absolutely no sense to try and pursue this journey, PLM initiative alone without any external assistance, because for that PLM and the changes associated with that is far too complex. Best wishes from Dresden.

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