Partnering for Success: thyssenkrupp Presta AG’s Journey in Digital Transformation with Klaus Brandner and PROSTEP - Customer Review

[00:00:00.250] – Klaus Brandner, thyssenkrup Presta AG

Hello, my name is Klaus Brandner and for more than 15 years I’ve been working for thyssenkrupp Presta in product data management. In the meantime, our company can look back on more 80 year old history and has been operating globally with more than 10,000 people at 17 sites in order to live up to our customers requirements. Over the last few years we have developed our products in mechatronics and also developed our own competencies in software development. Our processes, though unfortunately at many points, are very much mechanic oriented and we wanted to change that. That was the point at which we got assistance and got PROSTEP on board.

[00:00:43.420] – Klaus Brandner, thyssenkrup Presta AG

PROSTEP, above all, supported us in setting up a spec for tendering a new PLM system. Now we are already in the post spec phase. That means we’re in implementation of a new PLM system. And again and again we can draw on the experiences that we gathered while we were putting together spec. Together with PROSTEP we know that that way we have set an important pillar for the creation of a new PLM system, but also that we’re going to be working with this for many years yet with the right partner on our side.

[00:01:21.690] – Klaus Brandner, thyssenkrup Presta AG

Like PROSTEP, though, such a mammoth project can also be managed best. Greetings to Darmstadt to the Insight Days from Liechtenstein.

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