Digital Twins: Dassault & PROSTEP's Unified Approach for PLM - Customer Review

[00:00:00.000] – Darko Sucic, Senior Director, Industry Consulting in Central Europe at Dassault Systèmes

My name is Darko Sucic and I work for Dassault Systems in Central Europe in industry consulting. Dassault Systems is the second biggest company in application software. After SAP, we’re market leader in CAD systems, PLM, but also innovation of complex products and technical systems. As Dassault Systems, we try to get product, life and nature together. We try to do that with digital or virtual twins. These virtual twins are to serve to help companies in digitalization because we try to take complex systems, complex appliances to describe them in such a way so throughout all cycles and life cycle, they can be accompanied and supported. Digital twins are not to be seen in isolation. They have to be integrated in our customers’ IT systems. That is why the question of good integration is decisive for the success of users’ digital twins. Dassault Systems is trying to work together with ecosystems to address these questions and provide solutions on premise and also on the cloud. PROSTEP is part of Dassault systems ecosystem. For us, it is very important to have a good partnership with PROSTEP because in integration, we have mastered several successful projects already, but we still want to go a step further.

[00:01:23.920] – Darko Sucic, Senior Director, Industry Consulting in Central Europe at Dassault Systèmes

We don’t only want to carry out integration together, but also cooperate even more closely in consulting because we support our customers from the first idea to implementation of the software so that we can reach success more efficiently. I wish you successful PROSTEP Insight Days. Best wishes to Darmstadt.

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