A Journey Towards Integrated Product Lifecycle Management at BOS with PROSTEP - Customer Review

[00:00:00.000] – Jorg Hofmann, Head of BOS Applications & IT Architecture · BOS GmbH & Co. KG

My name is Jorg Hoffmann and I have been at BOS for three and a half years in IT. BOS is a midsize automotive supplier. We are first tier supplier for all the large OEMs globally. Particularly, we supply interior components like armrests, covers, side window covers, but also exterior components like, for instance, boot flaps, or also glass roofs. Our company is set up globally. We have sites everywhere where our customers can be found. My job at BOS is that in IT, the IT architecture is to be designed. IT strategies have to be developed together with BOS.

[00:00:47.210] – Jorg Hofmann, Head of BOS Applications & IT Architecture · BOS GmbH & Co. KG

In this context, our digitization project have to be accompanied, and particularly, I manage our PLM introduction project. Of course, BOS for many years now has been equipped with a PDM system. We manage our CAD data. And beyond that, though, we work a lot with Excel. Projects are not continuous all the way into the factories. And that is why two and a half years ago, we started a PLM initiative with the objective that from the customer requirements to hand over the factory, the entire process can be sorted digitally. For us, the first major challenge was to find out what can software actually offer in this process. PROSTEP helped us with their capability map to understand what requirements a PLM system can typically fulfill, what functions it has, and that way for us, we were able to assess what was important for us relatively quickly and develop a specification and select a supplier and finally choose the final offer. In the moment, we’re implementing the system, carrying out final tests. Our objective is to go live this year, but you can tell that this entire PLM path is a relatively complex one, particularly when for many, many years we’ve been working with existing legacy projects or processes.

[00:02:21.300] – Jorg Hofmann, Head of BOS Applications & IT Architecture · BOS GmbH & Co. KG

These are a whole list of different subjects and we’re still discussing what a target oriented solution is. For instance, what will our numbering system look like?

[00:02:30.970] – Jorg Hofmann, Head of BOS Applications & IT Architecture · BOS GmbH & Co. KG

What part alignment? How are we going to design individual processes in PLM? Then again and again, we can go back to PROSTEP. Their consultants help us to find a good solution together, and we can implement that together with our strategic partners. PLM is a path of which we have not reached the end for a long time yet. The third of our processes, particularly the interface of production and development, can be designed more seamlessly. And in future, we will be able to address our PROSTEP consultants who we see as trusted advisors, and they help us again and again to reach the right decisions. I hope I was able to take you on board and present what we are working on and PLM at the moment, and best wishes to PROSTEP Insight days from BOS.

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