Digitalization and Integration: Koenig & Bauer’s Strategic Use of S/4HANA and PROSTEP’s OpenPDM for Enhanced Corporate Strategy - Customer Review

[00:00:00.130] – Dr. Christian Fedrowitz, Koenig & Bauer

My name is Christian Fedrowitz. I work for Koenig & Bauer and I’m responsible for technical applications. The technical applications include the entire CAD World Management of CAD data and PLM systems and also additional documents which are used in our processes. Koenig & Bauer is a very traditional company within printing technology, we print everything that does not reject ink. We have a broad spectrum of substrates that we print on. As a print machine maker, we have an international set of clients. A main focus of the corporate strategy is digitalization. Digitalization on the one hand, we mean digital products being put on the market on top of the purely engineering products, but also that our processes are digitalized and through digitalization, we can increase efficiency in our processes. With respect to our corporate strategy and digitalization, an important project which we’ve been working on recently is the introduction of S/4HANA  as a centralized ERP system in the company. The objective is unified and standardized project, which are continuous throughout the company. A further aspect is that, of course, our engineering project have to be established in such a way that in downstream processes, they’re well integrated. And for this purposes, we have our product data management system, our PDM system with OpenPDM, with downstream systems, it’s well connected.

[00:01:27.280] – Dr. Christian Fedrowitz, Koenig & Bauer

That means Master Data Management Systems and ERP systems, subSFAD, S/4HANA. And the result of this integration is that we have a change management process which is PAN processes and throughout the company. And at every point in the company, it shows the user what the current status of development is and the current release status of machine components from which our machines are then bailed up for. A further aspect is that the information that we have with our machine data is available in a consistent manner, not just in our systems, but also in the processes which are supported by these systems. That’s the current status of our work within digitalization, internal processes. What do we plan for the future? Two essential topics are, on the one hand, we want a real 3D master in our CAD modules. 3d master means that we’re in engineering at the moment. A lot of things are still based on drawing. We want to get away from the drawing. We want all management or production relevant information for downstream processes available in the 3D models. That means that we have continuous processes all the way into production. That is one aspect that we’re going to be dealing with in the near future.

[00:02:42.180] – Dr. Christian Fedrowitz, Koenig & Bauer

A further aspect is digital product twin so that we’re able to take the specific product machine and present it as digital mockup and be able to work on that further. Greetings to PROSTEP Insight days from Koenig & Bauer in Würzburg.

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