Breaking Data Silos - PORSCHE AG and PROSTEP Collaborate for Real Time Data Access - Customer Review

[00:00:00.160] – Rene Bielert, Porsche AG

My name is Rene Bielert and for four years I’ve been with Porsche, responsible for data networking and information networking. As an information architect for systems engineering at Porsche and also as a technical solution architect for configuration management, my main interest is continuous networking of our development network. In Cebit, every employee has the data necessary for his job at high level of quality in his familiar work environment. But reality is slightly different sometimes. Our IT system has developed historically and therefore is made up of a number of data silos. A continuous view throughout various silos because of difficult technical conditions and also different technical understanding of the data is only possible with high technical effort. Classic effects with data lakes only lead to further redundant data and particularly do not resolve the different understanding of this data and divisions. Also, one tool fits them all approach because of the complexity of vehicle development does not seem to be pertinent. A partial approach for our vision is therefore Semantic Web. Using standards of the Worldwide Web Consultium, our data silos are equipped with a standardized, sparkling endpoint. Also, the technical understanding behind the data is using OVL and Jekyll.

[00:01:28.270] – Rene Bielert, Porsche AG

It’s reflected that way. The combination of of these technologies allows us a semantic layer above our data silos, which gives the user the information he needs at any time in real time. Setting up this information model requires intensive exchange with the divisions and the high level of abstraction. And founded know-how and technology of Semantic Web. Together, step by step, we can achieve our vision for the future in which each Porsche developer has the information he needs at any time and in high quality in his familiar working environment. Best wishes from Weizmann and enjoy the PROSTEP Insight days.

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