PROSTEP INC is the wholly owned subsidiary of PROSTEP AG and is located in the hub of the US automotive industry, Troy, MI. PROSTEP is the leading vendor-independent PLM consultants for the discrete manufacturing industry.

With 500+ employees throughout and 20+ years of experience, PROSTEP specializes in PLM consultancy services and engineering solutions. PROSTEP are experts in providing leading global manufacturing companies with the support they require for designing and optimizing their internal and cross-enterprise development processes.

PROSTEP AG, the Germany-based parent company for U.S. based subsidiary PROSTEP INC, is recognized as the leading PLM integration specialist providing support for digital transformation. Our strengths include PLM strategy consulting, process optimization and PLM system integration and migration.

The PROSTEP Group consists of more than 250 employees globally. In addition to headquarters in Darmstadt, PROSTEP also maintains branch offices in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, and Wolfsburg, as well as in Birmingham, Michigan (USA).

PROSTEP plays and integral part in new developments with various memberships to organizations leading digital change. Organizations include: 3D PDF Consortium, NAFEMS – National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards, OMG consortium – Object Management Group Inc., PROSTEP iVIP Assocation, IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrust), VDMA – Verband Deutscher Maschinen0 und Anlagenbae e.V., and WiGeP – Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktentwicklung WiGep.


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PROSTEP is the world's leading product life cycle integration and migration specialists for the discrete manufacturing industry.

With locations throughout the globe, PROSTEP partners with leading technology firms and industry giants in automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding.

Our solutions help you quickly and efficiently move your forwards towards digital transformation by easily integrating multiple systems throughout a variety a disciplines, by quickly migrating your current systems for improved performance, and establishing a standard data exchange for all engineering processes and workflows.

Inquiries please send us a message or email us at infocenter@prostep.com.