PTC Windchill Migration

The Industry Leading Platform Built to Quickly Migrate Data to PTC

Global disruption and innovation are changing the way manufacturers deliver value in the market.

Get the full power of optimized data migration streamlined to move your data to your target system with superior speed, security, and data fidelity between one or more systems. OpenPDM Migrate is the industry standard migration platform built to help you digitally transform your operations and securely move data to PTC.

PTC Migration

OpenPDM Migrate is the most widely used platform by those in the discrete manufacturing industry to move data to your target system using the whatever migration strategy best fits your use case – Big Bang? Phased? Co-existence migration?

Top 5 Reasons to use OpenPDM Migrate for Your Migration to PTC Windchill

  • optimized and exclusively built to migrate data for PTC Windchill
  • customized to your preferred migration strategy
  • backed by expert consulting and project planning to ensure a smooth migration
  • support for various data models to easily transfer all of your data all at once, phased, or incrementally
  • support for various versions so you can migrate to your version of choice
  • set project preferences

OpenPDM Migrate Success Story

Global Automotive Leader GKN Driveline Choses PROSTEP for their Windchill Migration


Background: GKN Köping (SWE) has been part of GKN since 2011. To streamline operations, GKN Köping wanted to use the central GKN Windchill instance.

PROSTEP SOLUTION: Migrate all data Smarteam data and the team in parallel and on demand.

PROSTEP was able to implement a migration solution with a special GKN migration strategy – migrate only the data needed in the future and pre-analyze data before migration. PROSTEP was also to provided a Migration Cockpit to enable GKN to run the migration themselves, saving time and money on extra resources.


The Best Trust PROSTEP – What Other Companies Have to Say

“We had an extremely low error rate through the migration rehearsals and ultimately through the production migration…”

Kirk Jones, Product Engineering SUPERVISOR

Walterscheid Powertrain Group PROSTEP Migration


“…together with consultants from PROSTEP, we have already developed a concept showing how we can use PLM to provide optimum support for our new product engineering process…”

Matthias Steinman, Manager Central R&D Services

Karcher PROSTEP Migration


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