ARAS Innovator Migration

The Industry Leading Platform Built to Quickly Migrate Data from ANY system to ARAS Innovator

If you’re nearing system end-of-life, replacing your legacy systems, and looking to move towards ARAS Innovator, you’ll need a migration platform capable to moving your data quickly, easily, and efficiently.
ARAS Migration

OpenPDM Migrate is the most widely used platform by those in the discrete manufacturing industry to move data to your target system using the whatever migration strategy best fits your use case – Big Bang? Phased? Co-existence migration?

OpenPDM Migrate ARAS Innovator Connecters

With PROSTEP’s OpenPDM ARAS Innovator connecters, you’ll get easy data migration that is 100% compatible with ALL ARAS Innovator objects and supports the following functionalities:

  • query data objects in ARAS
  • export metadata including structure information
  • create new or modify existing metadata
  • start workflows and handle tasks
  • set object status
  • set project preferences
  • handle effectivities and variant conditions
  • upload/download dataset files
  • additional functionalities on project demand

OpenPDM Migrate for ARAS Innovator Migration supports various data model objects:

  • parts
  • documents
  • CAD documents
  • files
  • relations
  • specific ARAS objects supported on project demand
  • any data accessible via the ARAS API

Aras Data Model Support

The Future of Sustainability with a Strengthened Partnership

ARAS PROSTEP PartnershipARAS Partners with PROSTEP Since 2015

System Integration Partners combine their methodologies, development skills and specialized vertical expertise to deliver Aras-based services and solutions to our joint customers. Aras works closely with Systems Integrators to meet the unique needs of various industries.

ARAS Independent Software Vendor – Partner

ISV Partner ISV – Independent Software Vendor makes and sells software that runs on / with Aras Innovator. Aras and their partners can resell PROSTEP products on the ARAS price list specialized for Integration with Aras Innovator.

The Best Trust PROSTEP – What Other Companies Have to Say

“We had an extremely low error rate through the migration rehearsals and ultimately through the production migration…”

Kirk Jones, Product Engineering SUPERVISOR

Walterscheid Powertrain Group PROSTEP Migration


“…together with consultants from PROSTEP, we have already developed a concept showing how we can use PLM to provide optimum support for our new product engineering process…”

Matthias Steinman, Manager Central R&D Services

Karcher PROSTEP Migration


Join the Fastest Growing Company Specializing in Data Migration


97% of PROSTEP Customers Retain Our Services

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