PROSTEP is PLATINUM Sponsor at COExperience2023

Join us April 16-19, 2023 in Miami, Florida for COExperience 2023! Access presentations on 3DExperience System Traceability, Digital Twin, and Technical Data Packages by PROSTEP's Brian Schouten and Jim Markwalder.

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PROSTEP, the leading PLM integration, migration, and data exchange specialists for discrete manufacturing, is proud to be PLATINUM sponsors at this year’s COExperience 2023 in Miami, FL, April 16-19, 2023.

PROSTEP’s longstanding technology partnership with Dassault has enabled exclusive integration solutions for 3DExperience platform users. PROSTEP’s connectors enable 3DExperience integration, migration, and data exchange interoperability between differing systems across domains. This gives users the ability for synchronized, bi-directional data flow between PLM, ALM, SDM, ERP, CAx, and legacy systems so product development teams can have the most accurate, up-to-date data for fast, efficient, and traceable product development. This can improve collaboration and communication among different teams and departments making it easier to access and share data.

As part of our PLATINUM sponsorship, PROSTEP is excited to showcase our solutions and provide the following presentations.

  • Extended Integration with 3DExperience System Traceability Application
    • Abstract: To remain consistent in design and engineering, the need for traceability from needs to design is essential. Though it is common to see disciplines work in silos with heterogenous systems, integrating the right tools with the right methodology can help achieve digital data continuity in your extended digital enterprise. Discover how global aerospace manufacturer Pratt and Whitney, engaged PROSTEP expertise for a federated integration with Teamcenter and other sources into 3DExperience using the 3DExperience System Traceability Application. By leveraging the strength of PROSTEP’s standard OpenPDM connectors, the company utilized Dassault System Synthesis API to integrate systems models from Teamcenter to 3DExperience. Explore how this integration leverages 3DExperience for systems engineering data by pulling data from multiple sources.
    • Takeaways:
      1. We explore how integration works with multiple sources into the 3DExperience system using the 3DExperience System Traceability application. Technical users along with leadership can see both in-depth and high level overview of the integration and its benefit.
      2. How to support system models and analysis among different tools and heterogeneous data sets.
      3. Explore the visibility of relevant engineering data across domains for better project control and understanding.
  • Building the Digital Twin through 3DExperience Integration
    • Abstract: Formalizing the integration of virtual models from different sources for engineering to help make sound business decisions is critical to successful and efficient product development. Though difficult to implement, digital twins can be used to optimize physical world objects, improve performance, and business processes. By unifying and integrating data on the 3DExperience platform from multiple sources, engineers can create relationships between design, engineering, and manufacturing, and digital data. With the creation of a digital twin, information from both the digital and the physical world leads to early warnings, predictions and optimization ideas invaluable to a company keeping assets up-to-date and in service. PROSTEP experts summarize the organizational and technical foundation for a sustainable digital twin. Real world use cases are presented along with best practices for forging a roadmap to establish digital twin continuity.
    • Takeaways:
      1. The case for integrating digital twin continuity in your company
      2. A strategic plan for integration of 3DExperience to implement a digital twin
      3. What measurable business outcomes are a result of digital twin integration
  • Unifying Processes and Workflows Using Technical Data Packages in 3DEXPERIENCE
    • Abstract: Siloed environments pose a challenge when sharing the right information for those in manufacturing. With multiple CAD formats, differing systems, and processes, how do you work collaboratively and efficiently share design data with third parties for design reviews and other processes? Working with PROSTEP, a leading consumer and packaged goods company implemented a solution to leverage PROSTEP’s integration and PDF solution to help open the lines of communication between siloed environments. Discover how PROSTEP’s integration platform set up triggers from CATIA and Enovia and exported metadata from the source system. After export, the solution generated a technical data package (TDP) translating the documents into STEP and STL files and sending only 1 PDF file using PROSTEP’s 3D PDF solution. These documents were sent to their intended recipients for review. When changes were made to the TDP, PROSTEP’s integration solution was engaged to import the updated 3D PDF back to the 3DExperience platform. This streamlined the design review process and simplified revision tracking. Delve into the hurdles this company faced to overcome the initial boundaries of optimizing their design reviews. See how they moved from days of enormous effort, with multiple people and data exchange pathways (online drives, email, etc.), to a streamlined document revision protocol. Discover the best-in-class toolsets and best-practice methodologies used for creating and integrating TDP’s so they could fully optimize, manage, and control changes in their design reviews.
    • Takeaways:
      1. Challenges of siloed data in data exchange and reviews
      2. The solution implemented to create Technical Data Packages seen in 3DExperience
      3. The impact of making informed business decisions because of updated information from various sources into 3DExperience

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