Three ways to integrate Cameo Systems Modeler with Teamcenter

By Joseph Lopez

PROSTEP, Inc., the US subsidiary of the PROSTEP Group, recently introduced three integrations that enable the exchange or connection of data between Cameo Systems Modeler from Dassault Systèmes and Teamcenter from Siemens Digital Industries Software. All integrations are based on the PLM integration platform OpenPDM, which can also be used to connect Cameo to PLM solutions from other manufacturers.

The PROSTEP Group offers standards-based solutions for the heterogeneous digital thread that connect different IT systems, domains and organizations across the entire product life cycle. PROSTEP is a vendor-neutral specialist for PLM strategy consulting and engineering solutions and maintains long-standing partnerships with leading PLM providers such as Aras, Dassault Systèmes, PTC, Siemens Digital Industries Software and others. PROSTEP is also a founding member of the non-profit standardization organization prostep ivip Association, which is strongly committed to interoperability and collaboration.

A cornerstone of the PROSTEP platform for digital threads is the PLM integration platform OpenPDM, which enables integrations between Cameo and Teamcenter. It integrates product data and processes horizontally across the entire product lifecycle, from concept design to service, but also vertically across disciplines and domains by supporting ALM-PLM connectivity and model-based systems development (MBSE).

To this end, the platform offers a variety of standard connectors to various commercial PDM/PLM, ALM, ERP and IoT systems, an easy-to-use business process modeler based on Camunda and a powerful data mapping engine.

The three Cameo integrations developed by PROSTEP, Inc. address different customer needs in the MBSE area – from lightweight data connection to ensure traceability, to the deep interaction of systems engineers with PLM, to the automatic synchronization of data between Cameo and PLM environments. The latter is supported by the Teamwork Cloud to Teamcenter integration, which uses the two OpenPDM connectors and the Camunda-based process server. Teamwork Cloud is No Magics’ or now Dassault Systèmes’ model repository for collaborative MBSE with the Cameo Systems Modeler. However, any system with OpenPDM connector technology can be integrated with Cameo, e.g. E.g. Windchill, Aras, Smartteam etc.

Using a trigger or event, the Teamwork Cloud integration allows data to be automatically exported from the Teamwork model repository, mapped to the data structure in Teamcenter and imported into the PLM system or vice versa. The focus is on the exchange and synchronization of managed data that represents the Authoritative Source of Truth (ASoT) between Cameo and Teamcenter. OpenPDM manages synchronization by documenting the successful completion of the exchange process and generating the corresponding reports.

Direct access via Cameo Client Plugin

To give systems engineers more direct access to Teamcenter data from their Cameo Systems Modeler, PROSTEP, Inc. has developed a Cameo client plugin that connects directly to the Teamcenter connector via web services. Users can log in to the backend system, query data, import it into Cameo and update Teamcenter data without having to leave their usual work environment. For example, you can import a BOM from Teamcenter to add BOM data to a system model in Cameo. The Cameo client plugin also offers powerful filter functions that make data retrieval easier.

The third way to integrate Cameo with Teamcenter or other PLM solutions is the Cameo Data Hub OSCL Bridge, which uses the PROSTEP OSLC provider and the Teamcenter connector to connect the authoring tool and the backend system. OSLC stands for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration and is an open, web technology-inspired standard for data linkage. It has a consumer side and a provider side. The Cameo Systems Modeler features an OSLC consumer that allows connection to other OSLC compatible systems. It is important to emphasize that the data is not replicated, but only linked in a traceable way. By clicking on the hyperlinks, the data can also be traced back directly to the other system.

All companies that develop and manufacture intelligently networked, software-intensive products and systems face the challenge of better integrating mechanical and electrical/electronic software development. Many of them use the MBSE approach to improve cross-functional and interdisciplinary collaboration. The three options presented by PROSTEP, Inc. for integrating Cameo Systems Modeler with Teamcenter or other PLM systems give you maximum flexibility in embedding MBSE into your entire development processes to realize the heterogeneous digital thread.


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