Support for MEYER Group’s multi-CAD strategy

The Meyer Group is pursuing a multi-CAD strategy as part of an effort to harmonize the heterogeneous IT system landscapes at the various shipyards. In the future, engineers will use 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA to model hulls, interior structures and superstructures, while the CAD marine design system from CADMATIC will be used for infrastructural elements (pipework, ventilation shafts, cabling, etc.) Building on our experience with CAx conversion and our integration platform OpenPDM SHIP, we have developed an integration solution together with MEYER that enables the automated, bidirectional exchange of model information.

Regular synchronization of the models between the two CAD systems is important and ensures that the design engineers in the different disciplines can, for example, correctly install the outfitting components and create openings for the pipework in the hull structure. The different system philosophies makes this particularly difficult: Unlike 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA, CADMATIC does not store any explicit solid or surface models but rather records how the parts are created and placed. Our integration solution transfers the CAD models as interfering edges with connection points from one system to the other, where they can be used as reference geometry for generating native CAD models.

We also implemented a workflow as part of the project for MEYER. It makes it possible for CADMATIC users to request changes to the hull structure in CATIA, such as openings for piping, directly from their system. If the CATIA user accepts the proposed change in their PLM system, the corresponding opening is automatically generated in the hull geometry based on the geometry and properties of the pipe. It is intended that the integration solution also support multi-project capability in the future.

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Original Article by Mirko Theiss


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