Ready for use in hybrid cloud scenarios

The integration of cloud-based PLM applications in existing system landscapes is the biggest reservation companies have when it comes to cloud PLM. This is what the market analysts from CIMdata are saying. We believe that these concerns are unfounded.

The new version of our OpenPDM integration platform connects PLM and ERP systems securely and reliably, regardless of whether they are installed in the cloud or locally. Thanks to its modular architecture, independent connectors and the use of microservices, OpenPDM 9 is ready for use in hybrid cloud/on-premise scenarios.

OpenPDM 9 comprises the actual integration platform, which uses workflows to control the automated mapping of data and data structures, and standard connectors to widely-used PDM/PLM and ERP systems and other enterprise applications.

We have divided OpenPDM into smaller “pieces” and designed the mapping and process engine as separate microservices to support use of the platform in distributed software architectures.

The integrated BPNM 2.0-based workflow engine makes it possible to model business and decision processes intuitively. OpenPDM can, of course, also be installed in a Docker container and is already being used by our customers in container environments like OpenShift.

The switch to microservices meant that connectors had to be modified. They were previously normally installed together with the integration platform and applications at the customer site. The development team has improved the core functionality of the OpenPDM connectors and provided them with a state-of-the-art technical foundation. The connectors now also include import and export functions. Thanks to the end-to-end use of REST interfaces, they can also be used with existing mapping and workflow engines. All in all, the enormous boost in functionality also offers us greater flexibility – especially in cloud scenarios.

Posted with permission from PROSTEP AG.

Original Article by Mirko Theiss, Senior Manager PLM Integration and Product Manager OpenPDM at PROSTEP AG.


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