PROSTEP uses LeanIX for Sustainable PLM Strategy Consulting

By Martin Strietzel

PROSTEP has entered into a partnership with the manufacturer of the LeanIX enterprise architecture suite with the aim of providing customers with optimal advice on the development of their enterprise-wide PLM architectures. As a certified LeanIX partner, we can now offer our customers our proven methodology of capability-based strategy consulting in a model-based form, thus ensuring the sustainable management of their enterprise architecture (EAM).

PROSTEP has been pursuing an EAM-based consulting approach in PLM strategy and process consulting for some time, which is oriented to customer-specific PLM requirements from the as-is analysis to roll-out planning. Based on our many years of experience as PLM consultants, we have developed a capability map that covers the applications of the digital product lifecycle from systems engineering to digital twin. On this basis, we work with our customers to develop individual heat maps (prioritization) from which the further development of the PLM architecture can be derived.

One of the challenges in consulting projects is to document the current status of the enterprise architecture in such a way that the documentation can also be used for the further development of the PLM architecture and can be easily updated during adaptations in order to maintain an overview of the development and its anchoring in the business processes at all times. As a certified LeanIX partner, we now offer our customers the opportunity to map their enterprise architecture in the LeanIX EA suite and thus document their business requirements, PLM capabilities, actual and target architecture in a sustainable manner. If you are not already using the EA suite, you can purchase a license for the duration of the project at a reduced price.

LeanIX offers its EA software as a service from the cloud (SaaS). It enables companies to make transparent IT decisions faster and on a solid data basis. More than 250 customers worldwide use LeanIX software, including leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers such as Audi, Bosch and Volkswagen, as well as well-known brands such as Adidas, DHL, Vodafone and Zalando. Founded in Bonn in 2012, the start-up employs more than 170 people worldwide and has a US headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. It is growing very dynamically and is now considered one of the relevant players in the EAM market. This is demonstrated not least by the large number of participants at the latest EA Connect Days in Bonn, where PROSTEP was also represented as a freshly certified LeanIX partner.

With this partnership, PROSTEP is breaking new ground in holistic and comprehensive PLM strategy consulting that also considers the corporate strategy and organizational level of digital transformation. With the help of LeanIX’s EA suite, we are building a bridge between corporate and PLM strategy and activating the EAM potential for engineering. Our customers can use the consulting results directly and document the lifecycle of their PLM architectures traceably with LeanIX even after the consulting project has been completed.

Original Article By Martin Strietzel


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