PROSTEP Presents the OpenPDM Ship Platform at ICCAS 2019

PROSTEP Presents OpenPDM ship platform at ICCAS 2019

Darmstadt, August 2019 – PROSTEP AG will be presenting its new OpenPDM Ship integration platform to a wider audience for the first time at the 19th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS) in Rotterdam. OpenPDM Ship uses standardized connectors to connect shipbuilding-specific development platforms with all the leading PDM/PLM and ERP systems as well as mechanical CAD systems, thus creating the prerequisites for end-to-end digital processes in the shipbuilding and shipping industries. 

ICCAS 2019 is being held from 24 to 26 September 2019 at the Postillion Convention Center in Rotterdam. It is the world’s key meeting place for representatives from the shipbuilding and shipping industries who want to learn more about using new methods and practice-oriented computer applications to optimize ship development, production and operation. The event is sponsored by PROSTEP AG, among others, which has submitted two presentations this year. They examine the challenges relating to the horizontal and vertical integration of IT applications in the shipbuilding and shipping industries – challenges addressed by the OpenPDM Ship integration platform.

PROSTEP uses the term horizontal integration to describe the integration of the different CAx applications used to exchange model data, without any loss of information, during the various phases of the ship development process. A particular challenge here is the exchange of data between classic mechanical CAD systems and specialized shipbuilding applications like NAPA Steel, AVEVA Marine and CADMATIC, which normally do not store explicit geometry but instead only record the way in which it was created. PROSTEP has developed powerful connectors and routines that enable the coexistence of mechanical CAD and intent-driven systems on the one hand, and the creation of end-to-end CAx process chains on the other.

OpenPDM Ship also supports vertical integration in all the leading PDM/PLM and ERP systems. This is a prerequisite for the consistent management of data from different authoring systems and for coordinating the processes of the different disciplines and work areas. At the same time, it ensures the traceability of the digital information flows over the entire lifecycle of a vessel. As part of the second presentation on end-to-end digitalization in the shipbuilding and shipping industries, PROSTEP will also be presenting a new integration approach that makes it possible to directly link data in the authoring systems and configure these information networks in line with the process requirements

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