PROSTEP Presents OpenPDM Ship Connector for Shipconstructor

PROSTEP Presents OpenPDM Ship Connector for Shipconstructor

Darmstadt, September 2019 – The shipbuilding experts from PROSTEP, a PLM consulting and software company, will be presenting two new integration scenarios based on their open integration platform OpenPDM Ship at the ShipConstructor EMEA Conference 2019. OpenPDM Ship facilitates the integration of SSI’s Autodesk-based ship development solution ShipConstructor with other CAD and PDM systems. The SSI User Conference is being held from 30 September to 2 October 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

In close cooperation with SSI and SSI’s European distribution partner NDAR (Nick Danese Advanced Research), PROSTEP has created an OpenPDM Ship connector to SSI’s EnterprisePlatform that allows data sets and models to be imported from ShipConstructor into Siemens’ Teamcenter PLM/PDM Engineering solution. A corresponding proof of concept for the integration solution was presented at the NorShipping trade fair in June 2019. At the SSI User Conference, PROSTEP will use this integration to explain how the Autodesk-based ship development solution can also be connected to other standard PDM systems. The shipbuilding experts will also explain to participants how they can use OpenPDM Ship to exchange CAD data between NAPA Steel and ShipConstructor without any loss of information. NAPA Steel is normally used in the early phase of ship development.

With its new integration for ShipConstructor and SSI’s EnterprisePlatform, PROSTEP is expanding the range of system combinations supported by OpenPDM Ship. The integration platform uses standards-based connectors to connect shipbuilding-specific development platforms with all the leading PDM/PLM and ERP systems as well as mechanical CAD systems, thus creating the prerequisites for end-to-end digital processes in the shipbuilding and shipping industries.

“By expanding our portfolio of integrations, we want to enhance our position as a leading integration specialist in the maritime industry and open up new business opportunities together with SSI and NDAR,” says Matthias Grau, Key Account Manager Shipbuilding Industry and head of PROSTEP’s Hamburg office. “ShipConstructor is one of the leading development platforms for the shipbuilding and offshore industries and is in widespread use in the North American market in particular.”

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