PROSTEP is Committed to Improved IT Security with OpenDXM GlobalX Data Exchange Platform

PROSTEP is Committed to Improved IT Security with OpenDXM GlobalX Secure Data Exchange Platform

PROSTEP has joined the German non-profit IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) and will be contributing its experience developing security-related software applications to the work performed by the association. The company can now use the “IT Security made in Germany” quality seal awarded by TeleTrusT for its software solutions.

TeleTrusT is an interdisciplinary competence network whose objective is improving IT security. It was founded in 1989 and is made up of national and international members from industry, administration, consulting and research as well as partner organizations involved in addressing security-related issues. The competence network advises legislators on issues relating to IT security, certifies IT security experts and IT solutions and, with the TeleTrusT European Bridge CA (EBCA), provides a network of equal public key infrastructures.

Our joining the association shows just how seriously we take the threats posed to IT security. IT security no longer merely means protecting intellectual property. The increasing level of interconnection between products and systems via the Internet of Things means that almost every area of life today is exposed to potential risks resulting from inadequate IT security.

In order to be awarded the quality seal, PROSTEP has made a commitment to TeleTrust to provide trustworthy IT security solutions that do not contain any “backdoors”, i.e. hidden points of access. Our company’s IT security-related research and development is carried out in Germany. We also meet the requirements of German laws as regards data protection.

Original Article By Rainer Bugow. Posted with permission from PROSTEP AG.

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