PROSTEP and NAPA Successfully Complete Joint Project for MEYER TURKU

​PROSTEP and ​NAPA ​Successfully ​Complete ​Joint ​Project for ​Meyer ​Turku

Increasingly, shipyards function as integrators between multiple parties in the design process. They need efficient and effective software to successfully drive a project from inception to completion. To help MEYER TURKU make and implement its shipbuilding decisions more effectively, NAPA and PROSTEP have combined their respective expertise to develop an interface for the 3D modelling an design software NAPA Designer, that perfectly meshes with MEYER TURKU’s CAD.

MEYER TURKU is one of the world’s leading shipbuilders and ​specializes in building cruise ships, car-passenger ferries and special vessels. Their efficient design and construction requires the seamless interaction of many commercial partners and software providers. MEYER TURKU uses NAPA software as part of their design toolbox. “Together with PROSTEP, NAPA has delivered us a CAD solution which has realised substantially improved efficiency and time-savings for us during the design and production process”, comments Ari Niemelä, Hull Basic Design Manager at MEYER TURKU.

As a result of this success NAPA and PROSTEP have signed a formal cooperation agreement to work more closely together in the development of PLM software and CAE interfaces, as well as in the field of PLM consulting. By combining their capabilities in these areas, NAPA and PROSTEP will be able to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction. Through our cooperation with NAPA, we are strengthening our market position in this important industry as an IT systems integrator and closing another important gap between NAPA and downstream detail design CAD systems in the digital thread along the ship development process.

Tapio Hulkkonen, Director, NAPA Design Solutions Development, commented, “Thanks to our cooperation agreement with PROSTEP, our customers around the world benefit from a comprehensive, market-leading PLM know-how that is bringing improvements in their ship design process. NAPA looks forward to working with PROSTEP to drive further gains and profitability.”

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