PROSTEP and Intland are working together on ALM integration

PROSTEP is collaborating with Intland Software, the company that developed the application lifecycle management (ALM) platform codebeamer, on developing a new OpenPDM connector. It will make it possible for Intland customers to easily and quickly connect their ALM solution to PLM systems or other enterprise applications using our integration platform OpenPDM.

The motivation behind the partnership between the two companies is the increasing proportion of software in smart products and the customers’ need to better integrate software developers and their tools in the overall product development process. Tighter links between ALM and PLM systems is required to achieve end-to-end digitalization across different domains. PROSTEP is taking account of this fact by expanding its OpenPDM integration platform to include standard connectors to leading ALM platforms such as codebeamer. The ALM solution is becoming increasingly popular in, for example, the automotive industry.

The OpenPDM product suite and preconfigured solution packages make it possible for users to implement use cases and application scenarios for the digital thread with a manageable effort. The integration platform already has connectors to all leading PLM and ERP systems and to other enterprise applications, e.g. for requirements management. At the same time, it provides the basis for OpenCLM, our new solution for establishing end-to-end digitalization across domains. In combination with the market leading ALM solution, it lays the foundation for integrating the PLM backbone, requirements management, systems engineering modeling and software repository in one central platform.

“The partnership with Intland allows us to develop reliable integration solutions to the ALM platform codebeamer. These solutions help our customers to better integrate their system landscapes and make the information required for the digital thread available across domains,” says Dr. Karsten Theis, a member of the executive board of PROSTEP AG. PROSTEP’s subsidiary BHC Solutions GmbH, which provides customers with support for ALM/PLM integration, has been working together with Intland Software on consulting and implementation projects for some time now.

“We are looking forward to working with PROSTEP and are confident that the know-how and expertise of its PLM experts will help us to further boost the quality of our services and provide customers with the best possible support when it comes to topics such as MBSE and PLM/ALM integration,” says Reka Moksony, Head of Partner Alliances at Intland Software.

By Peter Pfalzgraf


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