Pemamek relies on OpenPDM integrations from PROSTEP

By Matthias Grau

The global provider of welding and production automation solutions Pemamek Ltd. has entered into a strategic cooperation with the PROSTEP Group. Using OpenPDM SHIP components, the Finnish company now also offers its customers in the shipbuilding and offshore industries integrations between various CAD/PDM systems and PEMA solutions for welding automation.

Pemamek is a family business founded in 1970 and headquartered in Loimaa, Finland, which develops, manufactures and sells welding and production automation solutions for metal processing. In its more than 50-year history, the company has delivered more than 15,000 welding automation solutions to customers in over 50 countries. The export quota is over 90 percent. The PEMA solutions are used not only in shipbuilding and the offshore industry, but also in metal production, the manufacture of wind turbines, energy generation, the process industry and heavy engineering.

Pemamek’s customers are placing increasing value on the ability to use their CAD and PDM data directly for NC programming of PEMA solutions. In order to avoid having to develop interfaces for dozens of different CAD and PDM systems, the company decided to offer its customers the OpenPDM SHIP integration platform from PROSTEP together with a newly developed connector for the PEMA Core software.

The PROSTEP platform offers a variety of tried-and-tested connectors as standard, not only to common mechanical CAD systems such as Siemens NX, PTC Creo or 3DEXPRESSION from Dassault Systèmes, but also to shipbuilding-specific applications such as AVEVA Marine, NAPA, CADMATIC or ShipConstructor. This direct integration now enables the lossless transfer of design and metadata to the PEMA Core software for NC programming, thereby eliminating the need for manual redesigns.

The cooperation with Pemamek puts the long-term collaboration between the two companies on a new basis and is intended to be long-term. PROSTEP sees Pemamek as a strategic partner. We want to further develop our software and services together to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit.

To this end, we provide our new partner with documentation, after sales and maintenance services for the products and, if necessary, also support them in implementing the software in the respective customer environment.

“The cooperation with PROSTEP is the prerequisite for being able to seamlessly integrate our welding and production automation solutions into our customers’ IT infrastructure and thereby improve their digital continuity,” says Jani Hollo, Director of Projects at Pemamek. “We are pleased to have found a trustworthy partner in PROSTEP who not only has a very powerful integration platform, but also the necessary industry knowledge in our customer environment.”


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