PDSVISION Group becomes the new sales partner for OpenDXM GlobalX

By Peter Pfalzgraf

The Swedish PDSVISION Group, one of the leading sales partners of PLM manufacturer PTC, recently entered into a sales partnership with PROSTEP AG. As part of this partnership, PDSVISION receives the right to market our secure data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX to PTC customers in Northern Europe, but also in other European countries or in the USA.

With around 400 employees, branches and subsidiaries in 12 countries and an annual turnover of around 100 million euros, PDSVISION is one of PTC’s largest system houses in Europe and the USA. The company, headquartered in Stockholm, sells the software manufacturer’s CAx, PLM, IoT and simulation solutions and supports PTC customers in their digital transformation. PDSVISION is considered a leading and trustworthy consulting firm in the area of product development. This is achieved by combining world-class software solutions, technical support and professional training, with offices around the globe. The company currently serves around 4,000 customers worldwide.

The aim of the sales partnership with PROSTEP is to be able to offer these customers our OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform in the future. We expect our collaboration with PDSVISION to give us access to interesting new customers, especially in the Scandinavian region. Our new sales partner works in many industries that have complex requirements for the digital transformation of their business processes and also brings a lot of Windchill know-how with them. This makes it easier to integrate our data exchange platform into customers’ PLM infrastructures and processes.

Thanks to the appropriate standard connectors, OpenDXM GlobalX can be seamlessly integrated into the Windchill PLM solution and other PTC applications. This has the advantage that users can exchange data

directly from their usual work environment and are not tempted to exchange data via insecure communication channels. To make data exchange even more secure and to ensure compliance with the relevant compliance requirements, OpenDXM GlobalX can also be integrated into MS Outlook and MS Explorer.

PDSVISION chose to work with PROSTEP because OpenDXM GlobalX is synonymous with secure data exchange in the automotive industry, but also in other industries, says Perttu Korpela, Vice President of Operations, Nordics. “PROSTEP’s data exchange platform has the advantage that it can be very flexibly integrated into existing IT infrastructures and can also be used as a SaaS solution in hybrid cloud scenarios.”


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