Online and interactive: First PROSTEP CONSULTING DAY

The first PROSTEP CONSULTING DAY will be held 15 April 2021 – a date to enter in your calendar. With our interactive online event, we want to show customers and interested parties from manufacturing industry the strategic concepts we use to help them shape digitalization so that they are better prepared to meet the challenges posed by rapid change.

In recent years PROSTEP has provided advice to numerous companies in a variety of industries in the context of defining their PLM strategy and restructuring their existing processes and systems landscapes. Although these are primarily mid-sized companies from the mechanical engineering, plant engineering and automotive supply industries, they also include manufacturers of automation technology, logistics systems, shipyards and companies from the aviation industry. The experience gained from these projects has been incorporated into our capability-based approach to PLM strategy consulting.

The trigger for many of these consulting projects is the increasing pressure for change brought about by digitalization. Customers contact us as vendor-neutral consultants because they are feeling that how their process and system infrastructures are designed will play a crucial role in ensuring their successful positioning in the market. And they see that, because of the complexity of the issue and the wealth of possibilities involved, they need a partner to provide support during this transformation. But they also want to know where they stand with regard to the potential for improvement compared to other companies and in the context of the technical possibilities available. They often lack the market overview needed to do this.

PROSTEP CONSULTING DAY will give participants an opportunity to benefit from the experience that our PLM consultants have accumulated. In three 90-minute slots, we will provide them with information about the challenges posed by digitalization in manufacturing industry and present an overview of the key approaches to solving these challenges from the perspective of processes and systems. Finally, they will learn about the methodology behind our capability-based PLM consulting based on interesting examples from customers.

The event is divided into three consecutive slots that build on each other in terms of subject matter. The first slot will address the concrete challenges that industry faces when it comes to dealing with digitalization. How will companies cope with the switch from product to system provider, and how can they organize themselves in an appropriate manner for digital business models and the digital twin? Does the cloud offer answers to these questions?

The second slot will deal with the solutions that are available to manufacturing industry. It will address topics such as systems engineering, end-to-end digitalization and the interaction between systems during the product development process. An examination of the PLM and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) system solutions currently available on the market will be particularly interesting.

In the third slot, we will show you how to use the concept of capability-based strategy consulting to develop and implement a future-oriented PLM strategy based on your specific requirements.

Look forward to an exciting keynote when PROSTEP CONSULTING DAY kicks off. And don’t forget to register as soon as possible. That way we can keep you up to date about the agenda and exact schedule of the event. Click here to register.

By Martin Strietzel.


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