New integration to the Teamcenter Active Workspace client

Siemens’ Active Workspace client makes it easy for users who don’t work with Teamcenter all the time to access PLM information using all the leading office applications or any web browser. Thanks to integration of client in the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform, they can now also send their CAD and PLM data directly from Active Workspace.

One of OpenDXM GlobalX’s unique selling points is the ability to integrate the data exchange platform in all widely-used PDM/PLM systems. This makes it possible to automate complex processes for preparing and sending data. Thanks to the platform’s modular architecture, only the client component ever needs to be redeveloped and updated, while the services for creating jobs (wizard), exporting and importing documents, processing and renaming can continue to be used as they are.

PROSTEP has for many years been providing an extensive range of standardized integrations to all the leading PDM/PLM systems such as 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes, PTC Windchill, SAP ECTR or Teamcenter from Siemens Digital Industries Software and to other enterprise applications. This offering is constantly being updated and extended to include new integrations. The latest addition is an integration to the Teamcenter Active Workspace client.

As with all plug-ins, users work with their Active Workspace client in the usual way, search for and locate their documents, and compile them into collections for transfer. They use the wizard to start the send operation by selecting the recipient and, if appropriate, entering further information relevant to the transfer. OpenDXM GlobalX executes the processing steps and makes the exported and prepared data available to the recipient. The status of the transfer is reported back to Teamcenter. All the processes are logged in the database of the PLM system for verification purposes.

By Daniel Wiegand


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