Maximum flexibility when organizing data exchange

OpenDXM GlobalX from the cloud is particularly suitable for companies that want to use a secure IT infrastructure for data exchange without any need to implement and operate their own IT team. Cloud deployment makes it possible for the data exchange platform to go live quickly at a reasonable and clearly calculable cost. Both the application itself and the infrastructure meet all the requirements placed on them by customer and supplier contracts in terms of certification according to ISO 27001, GDPR compliance, etc.

As a SaaS solution, OpenDXM GlobalX minimizes installation and operating costs, regardless of the number of users using the system. It is also very easy to scale up or down as the number of users increases or decreases. During the initial setup, we configure the SaaS solution in such a way that customers are able to use it “as-is”, and all that is left for them to do is set up their users and data exchange partners. Neither the multi-tenant nor the single-tenant solution incurs additional costs for software updates – they are included in the annual service charge.

The data exchange service is available to customers around the clock. Both the cloud infrastructure and the OpenDXM GlobalX application are subject to continuous monitoring to ensure maximum availability. If problems occur, the support team, which is also responsible for proving 2nd level support in the event of administrative problems, is immediately called in. If required, customers can outsource all administrative tasks to us at an extra charge. Utilization of the cloud service offers them maximum flexibility when it comes to organizing their data exchange processes and the highest possible level of data security with a relatively small investment and little risk.

Original Article by Udo Hering

Learn more about the SAAS data exchange solution from PROSTEP, OpenDXM GlobalX here.


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