Engineering Change Notice with 3D PDF

Engineering Change Notice with 3D PDF (ECN Change Notice)

Product development is currently a dispersed process involving a distributed set of developers, suppliers, and manufacturers. This distribution leads to data being siloed in numerous places across your supply chain, often resulting in poor collaboration. 

Procedures for coordinating the change/release for product development can be difficult, especially in today’s globalized manufacturing economy. Some companies have formal procedures while others work ad hoc. A few challenges arise from this:

  1. How can all companies standardize their proposal processes and efficiently communicate changes across the supply chain?
  2. How do you effectively exchange data from different authoring systems, databases and enterprise management systems?
  3. How do you approve changes to 3D models when the source data exists as various native file formats?

The Engineering Change Notice

The engineering change notice communicates what approved changes need to be made to a product. The ECN contains a detailed description of the changes and can be a manual or automated process depending on your company’s workflow. Unfortunately, regardless of the process method, the ECN can be cumbersome and often involves laborious steps.

The use of 3D PDFs removes the lengthier steps and streamlines the ECN process.  3D PDFs are recognized as a set standard for the efficient exchange of information regardless of supplier/customer process.

3D PDF technology supports cross-enterprise change/release processes. 3D PDF Engineering change notice templates provide automation to support proposals for change, change orders, and change notifications. All the relevant information for evaluating and implementing change orders can be embedded in a single PDF container. Native CAD files, BOMs, annotations, 3D models, 3D drawings, parts lists and more can be extracted from this container and automatically fed back into your systems. As a result, your cross-enterprise change/release process becomes automated and integrated into your systems and partner sites, resulting in a faster, more efficient and increasingly collaborative change workflow.

Why 3D PDFs?

Benefits of 3D PDF Engineering Change Notice Procedure

  • 3D PDFs provide standardization of cross-enterprise, multi-company change/release processes, which ultimately facilitates and speeds coordination, discussion and decision making related to change/release in cross-enterprise and multi-company collaborations
  • 3D PDFs integrate with internal change/release workflows, providing a high degree of automation in what would otherwise be manual change/release order processing
  • 3D PDFs provide seamless documentation of change/release orders and a high level of access security to change/release information and authorizations
  • 3D PDF gives you faster implementation and coordination of change/release order processing in cross-enterprise and multi-company collaborations

Download Example Engineering Change Notice in 3D PDF

Engineering Change Notice with 3D PDF


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