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PROSTEP is now making its OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform available from the cloud. The world’s leading solution for managed file transfer (MFT) makes it possible to exchange any data and documents between customers, suppliers and partners, regardless of the data volumes, source systems or formats involved. It can be used throughout the company even more flexibly for a wide variety of application scenarios from the cloud.

Easy to use, secure, stable and flexible – these are the key attributes of the OpenDXM GlobalX solution, which is distinguished by its outstanding scalability. The software enables the fast and interruption-resistant transfer of large quantities of data, it logs all transfer operations and makes it possible to automate the transfer of data between the portal and local file servers. This allows companies to integrate their partners worldwide in development projects, speed up data communication and shorten development cycles – regardless of whether it is used as an on-premise or cloud solution.

Users can use the software with all the most commonly used browsers without having to install client software. It can however also be integrated directly into the user interface of PDM/PLM systems, MS Outlook or Windows Explorer, thus offering maximum ease of use with maximum security. OpenDXM GlobalX encrypts the data both during storage and during transfer via the Internet so that it can only be opened by authorized recipients. The integration of block chain technology also prevents manipulation of the exchanged data.

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