Easy integration in hybrid IT system landscapes

PROSTEP is now making the world’s leading data exchange platform, OpenDXM GlobalX, available from the cloud. This does not, however, mean that it can only be used in the cloud. Its modular architecture makes it possible to seamlessly integrate the software in existing IT landscapes with on-premise applications or other cloud-based applications and to operate it in a hybrid on-premise / cloud scenario.

The existing standard integration modules allow the SaaS solution for data exchange to be connected to, for example, existing PDM/PLM systems, which are usually still installed locally or operated in a private cloud. This means that users can send and receive data directly from the user interface of their PDM/PLM system. It also means that MS Windows integrations can be distributed over a company’s internal computers in such a way that the sending and receiving of data can be controlled using MS Outlook or Windows Explorer. In both cases, however, actual data and user management is performed in OpenDXM GlobalX’s cloud infrastructure.

The use of a remote file vault is another option for implementing and using OpenDXM GlobalX in a decentralized manner. This is a software component that enables local data provision and collaboration with centralized administration and logging of the data exchange processes in the cloud. The remote file vault can be installed in the customer’s own system environment or with another cloud service provider and ensures efficient data management and faster data availability when collaborating with local exchange partners, especially for global companies with locations that are distributed around the world.

Original Article by Udo Hering

Learn more about the SAAS data exchange solution from PROSTEP, OpenDXM GlobalX here.


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