Create a 3D PDF with 3D PDF Converter

Create a 3D PDF with 3D PDF Converter

How does 3D PDF Converter allow you to create 3D PDFs?

The biggest challenge manufacturer’s face today is the ability to efficiently share CAD data (design intent) across the enterprise.  It’s estimated that 90% of CAD is consumed outside of design departments.  Numerous downstream departments and users must access CAD, include sales, customers, suppliers, service departments, engineering sub-contractors and manufacturing assemblies. 

3D PDF created with PDF Generator 3D

Normally CAD file sizes measure in the gigabytes (GBs) because they are so large.  What options do you have to send these massive CAD files downstream? 

  • Email – You can send the CAD via email, but how secure is your email?  CAD data is intellectual property and if it ends up in the wrong hands, your organization can get in a lot of trouble.  Further, most emails limit the file size of attachments, meaning that you will not  be able to send a GB of CAD data this way.
  • 3rd party file hosting – You can use a 3rd party file hosting site such as Dropbox or Google drive – but can you be sure your intellectual property is encrypted both when uploading and when at rest in the drive?  In recent years, Dropbox has been hacked multiple times, which leaves your CAD data exposed.  Intellectual property theft is on the rise and you need to ensure your CAD is protected.
  • FTP – FTP uses cleartext passwords for authentication.  FTP servers provide basic, unencrypted file transfers for connecting users.  However, you will not achieve compliance with FTP – you might want to consider Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to protect your CAD data.

3D PDF in Adobe Reader

Regardless of the method you choose to share your CAD, you must be aware that intellectual property theft is a rising concern. How then can you effectively communicate your CAD – design intent – to downstream users without access to a compatible viewer?

 The answer: 3D PDF

What is a 3D PDF?  

A 3D PDF is a PDF file  with the capability to view 3D content.  PDFs are the standard universal communication tool for digital documents. Reading 3D PDF content is free and available on the free Adobe Reader – which is found on 99% of computers worldwide. Besides being universally available, 3D PDFs offer the following benefits.  

  1. Security – built-in password protection
  2. Ease of use – 3D PDFs are quick and easy to create
  3. Decreased file size
  4. Interactive design – your digital document can be formatted with hyperlinks, rich media, movies and animation
  5. Accesibility – 3D PDFs are free to read with the widely available Adobe Reader

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But I can already create a 3D PDF from Solidworks and other leading PLM systems…

Yes, the ability to export your CAD to PDF is built in to many of your CAD or PLM systems.  The difference is that the PDF created by your CAD or PLM system is a simple PDF most likely with larger file size, decreased interactivity and a lack of security. You want the benefits that a full 3D PDF can offer.

So how do you create a fully interactive and data-rich 3D PDF?

Tetra4Ds 3D PDF Converter is your Desktop 3D PDF Creator

There are a few ways to create a 3D PDF.  One of the easiest is by using Tetra4D Converter.  Tetra4D Converter is a desktop solution that translates CAD data to a 3D PDF. Tetra4D Converter also has the ability to compress your file size, making it up to 97% smaller than the original CAD model.

PROSTEP’s PDF Generator 3D is your Server 3D PDF Creator

Need a more advanced solution to export customized 3D PDFs?  If so, then PROSTEP’s PDF Generator 3D is for you. Built from Adobe’s AEM forms, PDF Generator 3D centrally manages the creation, merging, distribution and archiving of engineering product data, all in a single PDF.  This PDF can be shared with anyone using the free Adobe Reader.

3D PDF showing product manufacturing information (PMI)

Download 3D PDF Samples and Examples  


Download 3D PDF Engine

Technical Data Package

Download 3D PDF Technical Data Package

Download more 3D PDF Samples and Examples here.

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