Cost-effective and adaptable usage model for data exchange

OpenDXM GlobalX from the cloud not only offers customers a modular and scalable architecture but also a usage model that can be adapted flexibly to meet the customers’ needs. Customers can use the data exchange platform either as their own SaaS instance in a private cloud environment or as a multi-tenant application. In both cases, customer-specific branding of the user interface is possible.

The private cloud solution also allows the use of additional options and value-added services such as integration in the internal PDM/PLM system or the OFTP/ENGDAT function for automated data transfer frequently used in the automotive sector. It can also be adapted more flexibly to meet individual customer requirements, while the degree to which the multi-tenant  solution can be configured is limited. Provision of the SaaS solution in a separate cloud infrastructure is subject to an additional annual charge.

Interested parties can use the SaaS solution free of charge, albeit it with a restricted range of functions and a maximum of ten users. In this case, the annual service charge to be paid will depend on the number of users, the services used, the storage requirements and how long the data is stored. The entry-level model with 25 active users can gradually be increased to 50, 100, 200 or more accounts and, depending on the level of use, can also be reduced again. There is also a one-time setup fee for individualized customer configuration, e.g. adding a company logo or adapting user templates, which is charged for both the single-tenant and the multi-tenant application.

Original Article by Udo Hering

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