CONTACT Software and PROSTEP Agree Cooperate to Integrate CAD and PLM

CONTACT Software and PROSTEP Agree Cooperate to Integrate CAD and PLM

It is companies working in larger development networks with heterogeneous CAx and PLM solutions in particular that are faced with the challenge of having to coordinate their processes across different systems. By combining their know-how in the areas IT, processes and methods, CONTACT Software and PROSTEP are able to offer custom collaboration solutions. These solutions provide support for more efficient collaboration in joint ventures or following mergers and acquisitions in particular.

Like PROSTEP, CONTACT Software is a major advocate for open system architectures, which makes it easier to combine the two companies’ technologies. Using its CONTACT Elements platform, the PLM and IoT software vendor develops solutions for the product engineering process and digital transformation that are used in a variety of industries. Examples include CIM Database PLM and Project Office, a project management solution.

As a vendor-neutral consulting and software house, PROSTEP contributes its decades of experience and its standards-based solutions for PLM integration and collaboration to the cooperation. The OpenPDM CIM Database connector is another element in the PROSTEP product suite that supports collaboration in heterogeneous PLM landscapes.

In most of today’s PLM systems, support for the product lifecycle ends at company boundaries despite the fact that the development, production and operation of the products are distributed across a global ecosystem, as CONTACT’s managing director, Karl-Heinz Zachries, comments: “Our cooperation with PROSTEP paves the way for end-to-end digitalization of cross-company collaboration processes.”

Original Article by Karsten Theis.  Posted with permission from PROSTEP AG.

ABOUT PROSTEP AGPROSTEP AG is recognized as the leading PLM integration specialist in the area of product data integration. The company offers customers from the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering industries – including Airbus Group, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler –  integration solutions for CAD, PDM and supplier communication, thus making e-engineering a reality. The PROSTEP Group has a current headcount of more than 250 in Germany and the USA. In addition to its headquarters in Darmstadt, PROSTEP also maintains branch offices in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, and Wolfsburg, as well as in Birmingham, Michigan (USA).About PROSTEP, INCPROSTEP, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PROSTEP AG and is located in the hub of the US automotive industry, Birmingham, MI. PROSTEP is the leading vendor-independent PLM consultants for the discrete manufacturing industry specializing in PLM Integration, PLM Migration and Collaboration, Secure Data Exchange and 3D PDF Technologies (engineering change order with 3D PDF, bill of materials in 3D PDF, etc). With 250+ employees throughout and 20+ years of experience, PROSTEP specializes in PLM consultancy services and engineering solutions. PROSTEP are experts in providing leading global manufacturing companies with the support they require for designing and optimizing their internal and cross-enterprise development processes.

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