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IMS optimizes mechatronic product development

IMS is the world’s leading manufacturer of X-ray, isotopic and optical measuring systems for steel, non-ferrous metal and aluminum production. The company has implemented a mechatronic development process and automated engineering to a greater extent in order to handle customer-specific development projects more efficiently. PROSTEP provided IMS with advice during implementation.

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Another record year for PROSTEP, Inc. in North America

2021 was another record year for North American PLM integration and migration expert PROSTEP, Inc. Despite the global pandemic, the U.S. subsidiary of the German PROSTEP Group increased new orders by nearly 90 percent and its booked gross income by more than 30 percent in fiscal 2021. This marks the third consecutive year of record growth for PROSTEP, Inc.*

OSRAM Continental moves IT Infrastructure to the Cloud

As a young joint venture, OSRAM Continental took advantage of the opportunity this offered and moved its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. This also applies to exchanging product data with customers and suppliers. This is where PROSTEP‘s OpenDXM GlobalX SaaS solution, which is also cloud-based, comes into play. The software provided support for almost all of the lighting specialist‘s use cases from the word go and also reduces the total cost of ownership. But first and foremost, the SaaS solution offers the flexibility required to respond quickly to new requirements.

3D Assembly - PROSTEP

Planning and Documenting the Assembly Process in 3D

Most machine and plant engineers still plan and document the assembly of their systems
using the object in question, in other words they assemble the system in its entirety or in parts
prior to delivery so that they can properly document the process. New photos and illustrations
are often created for the assembly instructions instead of using existing material from the engineering department. This approach is not only time consuming and labor intensive but also requires an unnecessarily large amount of space. The main problem, however, is that the technicians cannot start planning assembly and creating documentation until the system components have been completed, and by then time is usually short. As a result, changes made while the system is in operation are not systematically incorporated into the documentation, thus making maintenance more difficult. A PROSTEP solution for 3D assembly planning provides an alternative: documentation is converted into the 3D PDF format, thus ensuring that an up to-date version is always available.

In Command of CAD Data - PROSTEP Meyer Werft

In Command of CAD Data at Meyer Werft

The construction of a cruise ship is an ambitious, largescale project, during the course of which hundreds of subcontractors have to be coordinated. To make the exchange of CAD data with partners easier and more secure, Meyer Werft introduced the web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX and adapted it to the specific requirements of the shipbuilding industry with the help of PROSTEP.

OpenPDM for PLM

Automotive Supplier Continental Migrates PLM Data with OpenPDM

Continental AG, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, has been using PROSTEP’s OpenPDM product suite for a year now. Use of the world’s leading platform for PLM integration, PLM migration and PLM collaboration not only reduces the time and effort involved in migrating data in the context of the carve-out of the subsidiary Vitesco, but also helps Conti harmonize its heterogeneous PLM landscape.


OpenDXM Manages Data Exchange at MIELE

The automation of data transfer accelerates collaboration not only in the automotive industry but in other industries too. Renowned manufacturers of white goods like Miele have been using OpenDXM software from Prostep for almost 15 years to provide suppliers all over the world with CAD data in the right formats faster and log these exchange processes. With the switch to the Windows-based client-server solution, performance has improved further.

PROSTEP Meyer Werft

One Platform for Cruise Ships

The Meyer Werft Group, which specializes in the construction of cruise ships, has adopted the platform concept in order to develop and produce a range of ship designs based on a common technical platform. The native CAD conversion performed by PROSTEP was a key factor involved in the reuse of design data from Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, at the MeyerTurku shipyard in Finland.


A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China

Series production of a new Zinoro, with a new energy vehicle concept, will start in autumn
of this year. It represents a major milestone for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA), the joint
venture between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive. The OpenDXM GlobalX software from PROSTEP guaranteed a secure data exchange between BBA and its partners during the development of the new Zinoro.


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