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OSRAM Continental moves IT Infrastructure to the Cloud

As a young joint venture, OSRAM Continental took advantage of the opportunity this offered and moved its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. This also applies to exchanging product data with customers and suppliers. This is where PROSTEP‘s OpenDXM GlobalX SaaS solution, which is also cloud-based, comes into play. The software provided support for almost all of the lighting specialist‘s use cases from the word go and also reduces the total cost of ownership. But first and foremost, the SaaS solution offers the flexibility required to respond quickly to new requirements.

Getting in shape for the journey ahead

Getting in Shape for the Journey Ahead

Many companies are facing up to the challenge of adjusting
their evolved IT infrastructures to put them on the right course
for Industry 4.0. Karsten Theis, member of the Executive Board
of PROSTEP AG, investigates a number of scenarios in this context.

PROSTEP Digital Twin

Digital Twin Does Not Come Alone

Are the digital twin and the results of digital prototyping initiatives the same thing? Is “3D master” just another name for the digital twin? And by the way: What role do investments in a company’s own PLM structure play? We are, after all, talking about figures in the tens of millions. Good questions and even better answers from MARTIN STRIETZEL from PROSTEP AG (Darmstadt).

KUKA PROSTEP Migration and Integration

Clean ERP/PLM Migration with the “Data Washing Machine” at KUKA

In one fell swoop, the robotics and automation specialist KUKA has migrated its SAP installation, introduced Teamcenter as its new PLM system and reorganized the entire engineering-to-order process. Crucial to the project’s success were the soft PLM migration, during which the legacy and new system coexisted for a short period, and the consistent cleansing of the data, which KUKA undertook with the assistance of PROSTEP AG. PROSTEP also accompanied KUKA during the changeover to the current Teamcenter version.

PROSTEP CAD PDM Integration for Shipbuilding

CAD/PDM Integration Platform for Shipbuilding

Product lifecycle management (PLM) specilist PROSTEP has developed an integrated platform concept which optimizes processes in shipbuilding and operation and forms the basis for creation of a digital twin.

Communication Collaboration in Smart Engineering - PROSTEP

Communication and Collaboration in the Context of Smart Engineering

How must a tool infrastructure be designed if it is to make possible smart engineering that truly satisfies the requirements of Industry 4.0? The author is of the opinion that expanding an existing IT backbone, such as PLM, into a “data hub” will only lead to the desired result if important steps in the direction of openness and agility are taken. A position paper on the prerequisites for an IT infrastructure that make the digital master and digital twin possible.

3D Printing

Unambiguous Identification of Components from 3D Printers

At the 2017 Hanover trade fair, PROSTEP AG presented together with consortium partners a demonstrator for the Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform (SAMPL), which makes it possible to 3D print any type of component in a secure and traceable manner. The platform was developed within the framework of the PAiCE funding program using blockchain technology. The keen interest shown in the security solution has encouraged the partners to develop the demonstrator into a marketable application.

Secure DX in China

A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China

Series production of a new Zinoro, with a new energy vehicle concept, will start in autumn of this year. It represents a major milestone for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA), the joint venture between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive. The OpenDXM GlobalX software from PROSTEP guaranteed a secure data exchange between BBA and its partners during the development of the new Zinoro.

Product Data Protection

Product Data Deserves Greater Protection

The real value of a company is not to be found in gold or money, but in its data. The data embodies the intellectual property that gives a company its competitive edge. And it‘s not only the Chinese that have recognized it. The intelligence agencies in the West also appear to believe that no methods are taboo as they strive to access confidential information under the guise of combating terrorism. In an age of global collaboration, the protection of intellectual property has become a serious challenge.

PLM Integration at Karcher with PROSTEP

Cleaning Up the PLM Infrastructure at Karcher

With a workforce of more than 11,300 across 60 countries and annual sales of 2.22 billion euros, Kärcher is the world’s leading supplier of cleaning technology. But when it comes to cleaning up its heterogeneous CAD and PLM architecture, the family-owned company does not just rely on its own expertise. The experts at PROSTEP are providing advice on formulating the new PLM strategy and modernizing the IT infrastructure.


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