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New integration concepts for new product service offerings

New use cases and business models require new integration concepts. Conventional data integration and synchronization, with which we here at PROSTEP have decades of experience and can do blindfolded, need to be supplemented with innovative new integration concepts if the flow of information in companies and their supply chains is to be managed as best possible. These new integration concepts have to meet three key requirements: they must be able to link data across domains, support traceability in both directions (forward and backward), and integrate suppliers in the digital thread.


PROSTEP supports the exchange of 3D data in OCX format

Darmstadt, May 2023 – In the absence of a universally accepted format for exchanging 3D data, shipyards, design offices and classification societies have up until now continued to exchange drawings of the hull structure, especially in the early design phase. With OCX, however, that is due to change. The companies involved want to establish drawing-free processes and drastically reduce the time and effort needed to create drawings or new designs in special calculation tools with the help of the new standard. As a member of the OCX consortium, PROSTEP develops solutions that enable the use of OCX data in IT systems that do not yet support this standard.

Philipp Hasenäcker

Philipp Hasenäcker to join PROSTEP AG’s executive board

PROSTEP AG is expanding and rejuvenating its executive board: PROSTEP’s supervisory board has appointed Philipp Hasenäcker, managing director of PROSTEP’s subsidiary BHC GmbH, to the company’s executive board, effective 1 May 2023. In his new role, he will assume responsibility for consulting and will help his two colleagues on the executive board, Bernd Pätzold and Karsten Theis, expand the company’s consulting and solutions offering in the direction of software-driven business.

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Another record year for PROSTEP, Inc. in North America

2021 was another record year for North American PLM integration and migration expert PROSTEP, Inc. Despite the global pandemic, the U.S. subsidiary of the German PROSTEP Group increased new orders by nearly 90 percent and its booked gross income by more than 30 percent in fiscal 2021. This marks the third consecutive year of record growth for PROSTEP, Inc.*

end to end digitalization white paper

End to End Digitalization Between Product Development and Production

In order to make production processes more flexible and control them more efficiently, IT systems for manufacturing process planning must be seamlessly integrated into the digital information flows between the PDM/PLM and ERP worlds. This white paper explains how the digital thread can be spun from product development through manufacturing process planning to production.

PROSTEP Cloud PLM Future

Future PLM and the Role of the Cloud

Many companies are considering moving all or part of their PLM solutions to the cloud in order to respond more quickly to technological innovations, new market trends and unexpected customer requirements. But not all clouds are the same. This white paper explains the key drivers for cloud PLM, the different manifestations of cloud solutions, and their potential and weaknesses. It also shows how companies should proceed when defining their cloud PLM strategy.

Karsten Theis - PROSTEP AG

There’s digitalization – and then there’s digitalization

By Karsten Theis

In the last newsletter, I wrote “To stand still is no option for us” with reference to the difficulties facing the management of companies in an age of global uncertainties. And then came the lockdown and suddenly (almost) everything ground to a halt. Admittedly, the coronavirus pandemic was not entirely unforeseeable, but we were unprepared for the scale with which it hit us. I do, however, feel that one point I made has been confirmed: The situation can only be mastered using an agile approach. And with an even greater level of digitalization, I would now add.


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