Swiss FTS uses OpenDXM GlobalX for Secure Data Exchange

Swiss FTS uses OpenDXM GlobalX for secure data exchange

As one of the leading specialists in the fields of digital forensics and eDiscovery, Swiss FTS places particularly high demands on the protection of confidential customer data that the company receives for digital forensics investigations. To make data exchange with customers as secure as possible, the renowned Swiss company uses PROSTEP’s proven OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform. The solution has already proven its worth in more than 20 projects.


New blockchain application proves authorship of CAD data

In the middle of last year, a blockchain committee was set up at the VDMA (German Association for Mechanical and Plant Engineering) to intensify the exchange of information on the technology and to investigate possible applications in more detail. The committee is affiliated with the VDMA’s IT department and is open to all member companies interested in blockchain. New use cases are regularly presented at the committee’s meetings. At the last meeting, PROSTEP showed how the technology can be used to prove beyond doubt the authorship of complex CAD models.

VDMA Blockchain

PROSTEP showcases new application in VDMA’s blockchain panel

In the middle of last year, a blockchain committee was founded at the VDMA with the aim of establishing a platform for the exchange of information on blockchain technology. At the last meeting of the committee, PROSTEP presented a use case that shows how the authorship of complex CAD models can be proven beyond doubt using the technology.

PROSTEP presents blockchain solution at the Infrachain Summit

The Infrachain Summit focuses on different aspects of blockchain technology. This year the meeting, which was held simultaneously in Bologna, Luxembourg and virtually, addressed use cases in Industry 4.0, the circular economy and creative industries. PROSTEP presented the solution for the tamper-proof exchange of 3D print data developed as part of the SAMPL project.


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