​Digital Thread Integration with PROSTEP API for the Digital Thread

Seamless Digital Thread Integration through Application Programming Interface (API) for Product Data Management

A seamless, completely digital record of information from product conception to delivery and end-of-life is vital across the entire product life cycle.  The growing number of products to manage throughout the supply chain include mechanical, electronic, and software components. Successfully managing these components through a communication framework to build a history, location, and application is what the digital thread encompasses.  Integrating your product data, building traceability, and mapping of components within each system enables companies to save time, costs and deliver products to market faster as well as give scalability for future growth. 

Download the guide to understand

  • How heterogeneous IT systems add complexity and management overhead
  • A digital thread roadmap for integrating your systems
  • Building a communication framework with an API for Digital Thread
  • Leverage the toolset required for digital transformation to enable the digital thread

​Preview the API for Digital Thread

This guide introduces the complexities of multi-system environments and the need for connectivity and interoperability.  PROSTEP's API for the Digital thread enables linking disparate systems, providing replication, automatically synchronizing data between systems, sharing data with suppliers and customers, and communicating with external domains through securely combining the intelligence of all systems as a traceable record.

​Download the guide