PROSTEP Leads Global Aerospace Company through Teamcenter Migration and Sharepoint Document Management with Plans for Secure Data Exchange


Numerous questions and challenges arise when a PLM migration becomes a company’s strategy to improve their systems. Additionally, increased risks and inexperienced specialists may contribute to longer than expected project times. This is primarily true within the aerospace industry where long product lifecycles and strict traceability requirements are common.

A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China


Series production of a new Zinoro, with a new energy vehicle concept, will start in autumn
of this year. It represents a major milestone for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA), the joint
venture between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive. The OpenDXM GlobalX software from PROSTEP guaranteed a secure data exchange between BBA and its partners during the development of the new Zinoro.

OpenDXM Manages Data Exchange at MIELE


The automation of data transfer accelerates collaboration not only in the automotive industry but in other industries too. Renowned manufacturers of white goods like Miele have been using OpenDXM software from Prostep for almost 15 years to provide suppliers all over the world with CAD data in the right formats faster and log these exchange processes. With the switch to the Windows-based client-server solution, performance has improved further.

Quantity is Quality when it comes to Data Exchange

OpenDXM GlobalX Data Exchange

Thanks to encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM), the secure exchange of sensitive
data over the web is no longer a problem. The challenge lies in shifting even large mountains of
data quickly and reliably between the respective exchange partners. The exchange of bulk data
calls for special protocols and mechanisms, such as those provided by PROSTEP’s web-based data exchange portal OpenDXM GlobalX.


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